Berry Mint Coord (ベリーミントコーデ) is a lovely-type coord from the brand Silky Heart. It first debuted in the July 2015 Millefaui Collection Vol.7.





A hot pink tank-top lined by white frills. Going down the center and on each side of the stomach is a row of turqoise stars to match the large star pinned to the left of the chest. Around the middle of the stomach is a turqoise band lined by white. Comes with pink fingerless gloves with a section cut out on top of the hand and a cuff of white frills.


Blue denim shorts with two white frilled layers as the cuff and pocket lining. The belt is fuchsia with a black buckle, white a row of white studs line the middle of the shorts.


Fuchsia wedge-heel shoes with fluffy, furry cyan cuff.


Berry Mint Coord is a rare lovely coord from the brand Silky Heart. It first debuted in the July 2015 Millefaui Collection Vol.7.


  • The top is a recolor of Rizumu's MARs' unit coord.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accesory
Heart Jewel Top

Heart Jewel Shorts

Heart Jewel Shoes


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.41.57 PM
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