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  • DandoonLuvsYou

    Hello PriPara fans! I have decided I want to write a fanfiction as a crossover for Aikatsu Stars! and PriPara because I love these two so much! The story will be written on under the name Raspberrycreme (which is my username for this website). I might also think of doing a fanmade soundtrack for the fanfiction I am writing. The songs are going to be in Japanese, Korean and English (some are going to be from the PriPara chorus I am hosting with my friend and an Aikatsu Stars project, she herself is making) all combined together and I will release it on Google Drive and send the link as soon as it is done.

    I haven't thought of a plot yet, but I know that Laala and Yume will be working together along with their friends to become…

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  • Trixylouwolfgaruru

    well if you wanna see my costume finally finish hihi all i has is a video  here:at 1hours 50 i should be there hihi!!!

    well thats all for now iam just really happy  i won a ribbon and i finish it in time 

    i might do  some add on to it but  i really like it

    the wig is soo heavy dough haha and the  wing and tail make the  back heavy too

    i guess if i wear it at a convention ill need body guard lol not to be hit on wen i walk haha!!

    photoshoot this summer !!!



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  • Chrismh

    Pripara + & - Idol Competition 2!
    Okay guys, time for round 2! Please remember to follow the rules below!

    Instructions & Rules

    1. Give 2 idols either a +1 or a -1. You must give a + or - to 2 Idols for your vote to count.

    2. When an idol reaches +5 votes or -5, they will move onto the next round or be eliminated and cannot be voted for any longer.

    3. The game moves onto the next round when all idols have a vote of +5 and -5.

    4. You can only vote once a day. Only your first vote will count for the day, so you must wait 24 hours before you can vote again.

    5. You can vote for the same idols each time if you want. It's entirely up to you.

    6. Your behavior to remain the same as is on this wiki. You are not allowed to flame/spam/harass other members for th…

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  • Freshorganicflowers

    how about it

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  • FlurryPaige

    A PriPara panel!?

    April 19, 2017 by FlurryPaige

    Hey guys!!

    I'm planning or hoping to do a PriPara panel at AkaiCon in Tenessee, I already sent in my panel ideas and such. Hopefully we can get more wonderful people in our community! If you guys have any questions or anything hit me up at @FlurryOfOreos on twitter! I'll have my Mirei cosplay done by then!


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  • Trixylouwolfgaruru

    were can i find this were   awww sorry and huge thanks!!!!

    ps: cannot read japan nyuuu huuu!!

    so that why i need your help hihi!!!

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  • Chrismh

    How many of you guys remember this? x3 didn't we all have so much fun when Yukisa-chan did the first one last year?

    Well, this isn't an idea owned by anyone, and I always wanted to try this game, it looks like so much fun!

    It's been a year since we last did it, and we had another season pass us by so I thought it was time to "update" it. I plan to hold a separate one for Idol Time PriPara when the time comes as well. This is strictly for PriPara. Everyone deemed necessary will be added, except for the winner of the previous competition: Shion!

    So let's get going to see who will join her!

    Pripara + & - Idol Competition 2!
    Please remember to follow the rules below!

    Instructions & Rules

    1. Give 2 idols either a +1 or a -1. You must give a + or - to …

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  • Nunter25

    Hello fellow pripara wikians I was looking through my pripara stuff and saw something that I forgot about for a couple of days now I completly forgot I ordered these but still I just forgot about them!  One of them was the new idol time mic, and the other ones were priticket sets one came with jewels the other one didn't!

     The jewel that is underneath the mic is the promo jewel but here are all of the things I bought! Thanks, Nunter25 PS: Sorry I wish I could show proff but my camera is dead so I had to upload product pictures.

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  • Chrismh

    Hi guys :3 welcome to my brand new blog series; where you guys get to make fun coords for no reason but our own amusement!

    But there is a catch! Here, I put it together in the form of some roleplaying:

    You're a recently hired designer for brand new fashions. After the last fashion show you wowed everyone with your amazing designs and creativity- but now the official staff of PriPara have given you a mysterious task to test your abilities.

    You arrive to your studio within PriPara to find a note has been left but with no sign or sight of the figure who dropped it off. The strange letter says, "Welcome ___~! We're so happy to have you as part of the official PriPara coord design team! Recently mixed patterns and styles have become a big thing an…

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  • Mirei301

    Don't ask the police to arrest me for spreading false news!!

    Back to main point

    If anybody had watched the whole episode of EP 141 and knew some Japanese, presumably they should have noticed the following: In the OP and ED, Laala didn't had wore any coords other than her new coord in her new PriPara form. She always appears to be the original form other than that.

    • This probably means that Laala will (only) be in her original form when she performs. (Which is similar to Gaalulu)


    • Puincon(Yui's manager): Shion's CV
    • Hana(Yui's classmate): Sophy's CV
    • Suzu(Yui's classmate): Reona's CV
    Here, we still have Chuppe and Pitsuji left to have CVs. And we also have Mirei's CV and Dorothy's CV whom have not yet appeared in the CV list. Therefore, I can assume…
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  • Trixylouwolfgaruru

    doing my own cosplay of garuru and i am exited so   cheer me up with your own cosplay picture of pripara  hug!!

    cannot wait to see them!!!!

    its not finish but soon hopefully

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  • KirarinPriPara

    Janice in PriPara Episode 134 and Idol Time PriPara OP Screenshot

    I'm sure it maybe Janice because the hair design and eye color are the same. And on Arcade PriPara, there was a clue that Goddness appear in Idol Time PriPara. I'm really expect about this.

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  • Pilasweet200

    Contest update!

    April 5, 2017 by Pilasweet200

    Hellow fellow pripara fans,

    This is a quick update on my art contest that I had started on March 6 2017 and ends on April 6 2017.  So if you guys don't remember I posted a blog post about it on March 5 2017.  During that time I changed the winning prizes for the winner I changed it to me make your very own super cyclume mic with your very own design.  So hurry the contest ends tomorrow so I need them tonight for fans in japan and tomorrow for fans in the usa!


    PriparaFan2600 or Pilasweet200

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  • Ivanly912

    No um seriously this girl has "Alarm" in her name LOL

    I'm pretty sure 90% of the time the she's just gonna be "Farara" so that's what I'll be calling her xD

    Anyways, basically Jewlie 2.0. She hasn't gotten any anime visuals (Just like Jewlie at the beginning) and has only been in the arcade game (Just like Jewlie at the beginning xD) Not to mention the event she's in (Super Idol Time?????) resembles the Kami Challenge quite a bit. This time it seems you're launched through time and space to the Time Garden, where she throws you an Idol Time Harp which you attach to your mic to become a Super Idol Mic... Great...?

    So yeah, today there was an arcade update and you can see the Super Idol Time thing here I SWE…

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  • Manojitpal456

    i love the character lala but not the child form her pripara form

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  • Pshu


    March 29, 2017 by Pshu

    Another charecter hunt! I'm looking for fellow sophie lovers. Can't seem to find as many as Shion and Leona and Laala and those people.

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  • Pripara4ever


    The first idol time pripara PV has released recently !!!

    every one please go HERE and watch it!!!


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  • SingMeloetta

    Idol Time Help

    March 21, 2017 by SingMeloetta

    Hey guys! I don't understand whether Idol Time is a complete reboot of the series (like Aikatsu! Stars) or just a new season with new main girls (Like Dear My Future) Could somebody help me in that department! Thanks


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  • Gumblinasuv46

    Coord fantasy 2

    March 14, 2017 by Gumblinasuv46

    PLEASE don't remind me that I haven't been doing thins 4 a while XDD

    okay!! This week's questions??

    1. My dad has been planning to go back to where I was born in pahang for a holiday (meh, u wouldn't knw where Pahangs is XDD) He says we can go ride elephants!! So speaking of elephants, what is your favorite animal-themed coord?

    2. Spring is around the corner (right?) My OC team, M♪racle Tune is supposed to make their debut in spring. So speaking about it, which is your favorite spring/ floral type coord?

    ..................Super ridiculous how there are both spring and summer so soryy XD

    My choice:

    1. Leopard Print Denim Coord, because it looks wild (XD) and definitely what I would wear.

    2. Mikan Blossom Coord! I luv the simplicity, and especially…

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  • Trixylouwolfgaruru

    pripara mic!

    March 12, 2017 by Trixylouwolfgaruru

    hi there !!!

    i was wondering  is a lot of people bought the mic from pripara !!

    if so  witch one did you buy ( meaning did you buy add on hihi)

    i bough   mmm  almost all ( solami smile trio  aromagedon duo garuru/falulu and waiting for  dressing pafe  trio )

    i was wondering were you get all the lil heart i so looking for more aroma and garuru one !!! 

    any info on the new season i guess  aroma and garuru won;t be there right =_=;;;;

    well just wanted to chat  here!! first blog thingy ever hihi!!

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  • Priparis Début

    Hello everyone, I haven't visited in a while xd so sorry if you haven't heard from me -_- this semester has me even more busy I have like 100 books to read. Well getting to the point I need some help updating the PriPuz page's info bgecause the game has had quite some updates done since I last updated and I need some help with it.

    What I need help with on the main page is for the updates to be added like:

    1.The new C-S scoring.

    2. The updates with the gatcha (sorry if it spelled wrong)

    3. The events where you get a PPR card depending on your score

    4. The Mysterious coord events.

    Well bascially with all the new stuff that hasn't been added or updated.

    Also, I would love it if I could also get help with the Card Master gallery because I noticed tha…

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  • CureLightning

    Hey guys! So, I was bored and went on tumblr and I found a link to this thing where you can generate your name and you can make a random Pripara unit! I typed in lightning-chan and my results were this...

    Unit name:Pop Universe

    Members:Lightning-chan (me), Meganii, and Pepper


    Debut song:Prism Devil

    I wanted to be in a unit with Shion or Hibiki... Oh well XD it's pretty simple and here is the link so you can try it out!


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  • Pilasweet200

    Hello fellow pripara fans,

    Today I posted on my tumblr that I'm doing an art contest for everyone! So come and join the contest starts right now for fellow fans overseas and tomorrow for my friends in the U.S.A. And above are the links to the contest and the characters that must be drawn on to one picture! Okay I forgot to add this but the winner will recieve a drawing of their very own cylume jewel mic picture drawn by me or a group picture of their very own team cylume jewel mics still drawn by me!  So hurry the contest ends on 04/06/17

    Thanks, Priparafan2600 or Pilasweet200

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  • Ivanly912
    Welp, Abcioh kinda did it first xD!!!! So I'll talk about the other piece of news we got.

    Apparently the OP for Idol Time PriPara will be called "Just be yourself" by わーすた (I believe that's short for ざ・わーるど・すたんだーど which translates to "The World Standard"?)

    Does that name sound familiar to you? Welp, if you're updated on the Puchuu Movie news (which actually was released today xD) you guys should remember it's the ED for the Puchuu Movie. So yes, the Puchuu Movie ED turned into the Idol Time PriPara OP xDDD

    I'm a little depressed because it's not iRis but hey, it sounds better than I expected xD I do hope iRis still gets to sings at least ONE OP in it though... But this is pr…

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  • Abcioh12

    The boys are the member of WITH and they are active in ダンプリ(place like pripara but for male)

    コヨイ Koyoi,who is the indigo(?) hair,is good at singing

    アサヒ Asahi,who is the red hair,is good at dancing and sports

    ショウゴ Shōgo,yellow hair,has the “kakkokawaī(Cool Cute)”look

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  • Yumesuzuki


    February 26, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    Hi, everyone I am Yume

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  • Akari Suzuki



    It was announced during the Winter Wonder Fest last February 19. No information of pre-order dates, release date, and specific scale of her atm.


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  • JessicaFin23

    If PriPara was to be dubbed in English, then it will be dubbed by Disney and Ocean Productions. The English dub will air on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

    • Laala Manaka - Laala Madison
    • Mirei Minami - Mirelle Mickleberry
    • Sophie Hojo - Sophie Hobbins
    • Shion Todo - Tiffany Topps
    • Reona West - Rebecca West
    • Mikan Shiratama - Nikki Sharp
    • Aroma Kurosu - Alyssa Katz
    • Fuwari Midorikaze - Flora MacCall
    • Hibiki Shikyoin - Frankie Sherman
    • Ajimi Kiki - Violet Palmer
    • Pepper Taiyou - Pippa Taylor
    • Chiri Tsukikawa - Cheryl "Cherry" Sullivan
    • Junon - Sally
    • Pinon - Sadie
    • Kanon - Sasha
    • Nao Ehime - Nina Elliot
    • Eiko (Nina Sakaue) - Emilie Mendez
    • Nanami - Nanette "Ninny" Shaw
    • Nene Tokuda - Nora Roberts
    • Iroha Kagawa - Isabelle Keller
    • Hanana - Hannah Nanton
    • New & Mew - Mimi & Nini/The Kitten …

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  • Rinasuzuki


    February 18, 2017 by Rinasuzuki

    I just love pripara the best(my opinion).

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Bored day as always

    February 18, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    Wake up six clock in the morning (no school today) by my younger sister.:( Eat breakfast Run Work Eat lunch Run Do homework Go on my phone Work Eat dinner Work Practice violin Go on my phone Sleep

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  • Pripara4ever

    New Sophie in idol time!

    February 18, 2017 by Pripara4ever

    I just found this new Sophie in idol time pripara in youtube

    I'm sooooo happy to see Sophie-sama in this season!!




    Edit: WoW sorry for this but i found new SoLaMi Dressing in idol time

    i really dont know if you see this before but.....

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  • Usana131

    New wiki not working

    February 15, 2017 by Usana131

    Hello, I would like to note that Idol Time Pripara wiki seems to be defunct...

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  • Pshu

    Pripara Group Anime Discussion

    February 14, 2017 by Pshu

    I was thinking we could start a club on the wiki where we discuss and debate on the past, previous, and future episodes. If you support this idea, please leave a note on my message wall. Thanks!

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  • CureHibiki

    If you remember, last month or the month before, I can't remember, I went around asking for 5 other people to join me in a PriPara Cover Group. And now our group is complete! Our group is known as Felicità, which is, if I remember correctly, Italian for Happiness. We aim to spread happiness to all of the people who listen to our songs. The group is as follows:

    Laala: Ivanly
    Mirei: Dina
    Sophie: Hibiki
    Shion: Jariri
    Dorothy: KaiMarks
    Leona: Usagi

    Just recently, our YouTube channel was created. And...haha, it's quite empty. But that doesn't mean it will be for long! As in a couple of weeks time, we'll be uploading our first cover! So, feel free to subscribe. It would be really appreciated if you do as you might come back happier then ever...maybe. I can't…

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  • Loveairaharune

    (Lol I know a lot of these have been starting lately, but uh yeah here we go xD)

    So my friend and I are planning to kind of revive our chorus group, so we decided to open up auditions for two more positions~ 

    For now, Leona and Dorothy are open, and anyone can audition for their parts xD

    We're also looking for a mixer, so if you're willing and able to mix/animate and stuff, we would be happy to have you :D

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  • Pshu


    February 5, 2017 by Pshu

    I am searching for Nanami fans because I think she is so cute but dosen't get as much attention as she deserves. Is anyone a fellow Pink Actress Nanami fan???

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  • Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa

    ...have something in common. I mean, if we're going to compile the past main characters' naming system by season.

    • S1 - Solfege scale (first names), compass directions (surnames)
    • S2 - Five senses (first names), colors (surnames)
    • S3 - Spices, I think (first names), time of day (surnames)

    Then Yui, Nino and Michiru might have something systematic in their names as well. So, I ended up with this...

    • Their first names all have a number. The second syllable from Yui (ゆ) can mean one (1) as one can be pronounced as い (一). The first syllable from Nino (の) can mean two (2) as two can be pronounced as に (二). The first syllable from Michiru (ちる) can mean three (3) as three can be read as み (三).
    • Their surnames all have terms relating to positivity (though, i…
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  • AbiStar311

    Hi all! I posted a similar post to this a while ago and had no response :( but it's still here if you'd like to read. Either way, I have sad news - two members of Purizims have decided to leave us. Both are on this wiki but I'd prefer to keep them anonymous to save time.

    Their set roles were Cosmo and Dorothy. Now, we don't need a Cosmo right this minute because our Cosmo that has left kindly agreed to do a final cover of Your 100% Life so for Season 1 we are good (we do one season at a time) and the role will join the S2 auditions list.

    Dorothy, on the other hand is another story. The girl who voices Leona in the group has been struggling for a while with her set role, and since the Dorothy position is now open, she has asked to move into t…

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  • AbiStar311

    Hello everyone! My name is Abi and I'm the co-leader for a PriPara chorus group called Purizims! (you can find us here ) Now we've been around for a year now, but we haven't uploaded any covers at all, and that is due to the fact that we don't have a mixer.

    For those who don't know, a mixer is basically someone who puts together the vocals and the music of a song, and is adapt (good) at using special effects on vocals. Up until recently, I had the role of mixer, but I've never attempted to mix before, and so, no matter how much I try, the mix never has the quality I'd like it to. We may be an easy going chorus group but we're serious about the project, and were planning on having our first cover up back in Spring 2016, nearly a year ago and…

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  • NanaMinami


    My name is Nana and a while ago (actually a long time ago) I tired to do a PP Chorus project. But due too much members slacking off we couldn't publish our cover in time... And so, I want to regather members now so we could be a proper group posting songs in time. I'll do my best to make it tho!

    Roles opened (only S1 so far lol)

    Mirei Minami

    Dorothy West

    Leona West

    Taken roles 

    Laala Manaka

    Falulu/Galulu (Chris)

    Sophie Hojo (CureHibiki)

    Shion Todo

    I'm really sorry to all members who posted recordings in time...

    Demands -

    Being able to record in good quality in 2 weeks.

    To be active?

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  • Chrismh

    If you guys haven't checked it out yet there it is. We're getting the basics put together with what we have and know for now, so please be patient. Since the series wont be starting in April, its going to be a while and information will probably be trinkling in slowly.

    Anyway, I thank those of you members who are trying to understand why we did this, and are looking forward to the change in pace. If this series is like the original Aikatsu wiki at all- it will continue to live XD don't worry. Especially if we need the forum for anything- considering the new wiki don't get a forum on them. I checked, I don't know how to get one put on or if its even possible to yet.

    In the time we ha…

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  • Ivanly912

    New info was announced today about the new PriPara series.

    The series seems to be called "Idol Time PriPara" The new setting seems to be a place called Paparajuku (So... Did Laala move? Assuming this is the exact same Laala...) and "Time" is an important factor in the series. Due to a system error, Laala cannot transform. New series starts sometime in April.

    And... By what they're saying I'm assuming we should brace ourselves for farewell to Mirei, Sophie, Shion, Dorothy, Leona, Faruru, Mikan, Aroma, Garuru, Cosmo, Ajimi, Chanko, Fuwari, Hibiki, Non, Chiri, Pepper, Janice and Jewlie?


    I don't want to translate the new character names coz I'll definitely get them wrong can someone else do it?

    • 夢川ゆい (CV:伊達朱里沙) This is the blonde haired idol…

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  • Kurukuru-chan1

    I'm...not really excited about this news. R.I.P Kurukuru-chan1 R.I.P Pripara

    I don't like them...T^T

    Can this be all just an early april fools prank or something. Lets Play Pripara Tumblr has more information on this. Go check her out.

    Also, there are little cute animals now, with very original designs. I hope they are managers and not some magical girl plushy person...

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  • PrincessBrowine247

    I think Pretty Rhythm and Pripara might be the same universe. Pripara being the future. Cosmo did appear in one episode of rainbow live. What's your opinion?

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  • Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa

    Idk, I'm bored xD I just wanna know if anyone else here play PriPuz. If you want to be tomodachis with me in the game, I'll be more happier. xD

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  • Pshu


    January 8, 2017 by Pshu

    I am just going to say a have a blind cat that likes to listen to people in pripara talk.

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  • Melxdycchi

    The Day!

    January 5, 2017 by Melxdycchi

    Well, I'm back from school :3

    And today was a birthday of a classmate of mine (who I don't know well since it's just the 3rd day of school). But other than that, 





    Happy Birthday to my best girl, Sion! And next in my birthday calendar (it exists?) is well, mine, and after that, Sakisama's!!!! (Sion's seiyuu)

    Just some pictures ^w

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  • Arisu246

    Reina Ueda's first album

    January 4, 2017 by Arisu246

    I have been curious about the voice actress of Aijimi-sensei and Jewlie, so i I searched songs that she sang and I found one which was released on Deember 21, 2016 and I want to share it to everyone. Please listen to the songs especially track no. 6 where you'll hear her Jewlie voice.


    by 上田麗奈

    Download Link:

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  • CureHibiki

    PriPara Discord Server

    January 3, 2017 by CureHibiki

    Lol, I should have realised that no one would know about the PriPara Discord Server because it is pretty much hidden in my other blog.

    Alright! So, I made a PriPara discord server for the cover group AND for PriPara fans! When you click the link below, you will see that there are four different text channels. Information, General, Planning and PriPara.

    Information is just to let you guys know what will happen in the group/server.
    General is a chat where you can talk about literally anything.
    Planning is for the cover group, mixer and designer only and is pretty much for planning upcoming covers, and to ask any questions about the songs.
    And PriPara is for anything PriPara.

    Invite link:

    If you have any questions about the server, …

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  • Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa

    Dear Takara Tomy Arts, HIRE ME!! I'm only 13 but HIRE ME!!! JUST HIRE ME!!!

    Okay, it took me three days and three nights to finish this. It's Ajimi's fanmade SCR. Hope you like it.

    Btw, I'll be back on wikia tomorrow so I'll reply to our convos tomorrow. ^^

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