Brands are different types of PriTickets, with different designs and shapes for every corresponding outfit. Each idol uses their own preferred brand. Each brand is based on an idol type - Lovely, Pop, Cool, Natural, Celeb or Premium. There are also some coords that are brandless, and they are listed here.

In the actual performances, brands majorly affect the game play with different kinds of Making Dramas.

Major Brands

Twinkle Ribbon

Laala Manaka, Hanana, and Nene Tokuda's preferred brand. It is a Lovely type brand, and as suggested by the name, incorporates many ribbons into its clothing.

Candy Alamode

Mirei Minami and Eiko's preferred brand. It is a Pop type brand, and has many candy-based dresses with vivid colors.

Holic Trick

Sophie Hojo and Love Tochiotome's preferred brand. It is a Cool type brand incorporating elegant Gothic styles into its clothing.

Dreaming Girl

Dreaming Girl is a Premium type brand. It's exclusive to physical promotional products and is not a favored brand. A feminine brand that makes use of unique motif to create gorgeous outfits.

Baby Monster

Shion Todo's preferred brand. It is a Cool type brand. It incorporates many bat, chain, or punk motifs in its designs.

Fortune Party

Dorothy West and Leona West's preferred brand. It is a Pop type brand. It includes many seaside motifs including anchors. This is the first brand to be preferred by two main characters.

Marionette Mu

Faruru and Gaaruru's preferred brand. It is a Lovely type brand, and its clothing has very many ribbons. It focuses on a girly style, but with elegance and the occasional steampunk motif.

Prism Stone (Brand)

Cosmo Hojo's preferred brand. It is a Premium type brand with many casual outfits and a few uniquely styled costumes.

Silky Heart

Mikan Shiratama's preferred brand. It is a Lovely type brand that includes girly ornaments like wings, hearts, lace, and ribbons.

Holic Trick Classic

Aroma Kurosu's preferred brand. It is a Cool type brand and the first spin-off brand. It uses devil or dark magic motifs.

CoCo Flower

Fuwari Midorikaze's preferred brand. It is a Natural type brand and the first to be in the PriPara universe. It uses many flowers and leaves in their natural looking designs.

Candy Alamode More

Ajimi Kiki's preferred brand. It is a Pop type brand and the second spin-off brand. It's unique outfits incorporates art and various crafting techniques to create its designs.

Brilliant Prince

Hibiki Shikyoin's preferred brand. It is a Celeb type brand with a regal girl or Prince motif.

Rosette Jewel

JunonPinon, and Kanon's preferred brand. It is a mixed type with a motif heavily focused on elegant, ornate upgrades of Cool, Pop, or Lovely designs.


A brand created by Aroma Kurosu. It is a cool type with cuteness added to the original dark motif from Holic Trick Classic.

Twinkle Ribbon Sweet

Non Manaka's preferred brand and a spin-off of Twinkle Ribbon. It is a lovely type and is inspired by the formal lolita style with cute bows, bunnies, and heart motif.

Sunny Zoo

Pepper Taiyou's preferred brand. It is a natural-type brand with fur and animal patterns in the fabric, along with a cat motif.

Dear Crown

Chiri Tsukikawa's preferred brand. It is a celeb-type brand based on a brand from Pretty Rhythm. It is elegant with heavy tones of gold or jewel ornaments

Fantasy Time

Yui Yumekawa's preferred brand. A brand created by Yui. It is a lovely-type brand.

Neon Drop

Nino Nijiro's preferred brand. It is a pop-type brand.

Melty Lily

Michiru Kouda's preferred brand. A brand created by Aroma Kurosu. It is a cool-type brand.

Clock Garden

Falala•A•Larm's preferred brand. It is a Premium-type brand.

Rich Venus

Shuuka Hanazono's preferred brand. It is a celeb-type brand.

Non-playable Brands

The following brands, despite having coords worn in the show, don't have a Making Drama effect, and can only do Let's Go PriPara.

Pretty Rhythm

Is a clothing brand that contains clothing which was used in the Pretty Rhythm series. Some clothes in the PriPara world are just recolorments of coords used in Pretty Rhythm. This brand produces Lovely type coords.


Is an in-game only brand. Its type is unknown but it features a feminine, pink and black theme, and it does not have a main user.


This was a collaboration with another game of the same name. It is a Premium and Cool type brand, and it has released only three coords.


  • PriPara's version of the fashion elements are combinations of the previous six fashion elements from the Pretty Rhythm series. Lovely and Feminine clothing are placed into the "Lovely" category, Pop and Ethnic clothing are placed into the "Pop" category, and Cool and Sexy are placed into the "Cool" category.


Official Arts

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