Celeb 4

Celebrity 4 (セレブリティー 4 Sereburitī 4) is an idol unit that appeared in episode 56. The unit consist of Cera, Reika, Brittany and Tina. 


Celebrity 4 are assigned by Hibiki Shikyoin to be part of Fuwari's Dream Team and persuades Fuwari into joining their team. However, Fuwari chooses to form her Dream Team with Laala, Shion, Dorothy and Leona instead.



Celebrity came from their names, Cera (セ), Reika (レ), Brittany (ブリ) and Tina (ティ).


  • All members are Major Rank idols.
  • The members are voiced by Milky Holmes, who are known for providing the voices of the four main characters of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.
  • Suzuko Mimori voices Cera, Mikoi Sasaki voices Reika, Sora Tokui voices Brittany and Izumi Kitta voices Tina.
  • They appear to have different ways to get around. Like a Hot Air Ballon, Tandem Bike and bicycle car.