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Chiri Tsukikawa
Chiri Tsukikawa S3
Kanji 月川 ちり
Rōmaji Tsukikawa Chiri
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 11
Eye Color Light Purple (normal)

Blue (Idol)

Hair Color Pale Brown (normal)

Teal (Idol)

Professional Statistics
Occupation Student


Affiliation NonSugar
Personal Status
Anime Episode 90 - I Became a Divine Idol?!
Voice Actors
Japanese Nichika Omori

Chiri Tsukikawa (月川 ちり Tsukikawa Chiri) is a character that appears in the start of Season 3, when Laala Manaka is put in charge of giving her a tour of PriPara and starting her Idol career.

Originally, Chiri was a Lovely-type who used Twinkle Ribbon. Later in the season, she is revealed to have switched type and brand, and is now a Celeb-type using Dear Crown.

She also used Chiri Shanshan whenever Pepper put her salivia on her.



Chiri outside of PriPara

Chiri has a fair complexion and light purple eyes with a slant. She is younger than Laala and appears to be short, with her uniform being too big for her. She has long, straightened pale brown hair with bangs that appear messy with a part on each side and uneven forelocks, with the right side straightened and long, while the left is short and messy. She has a straightened cowlick that droops down over her bangs, and wears short straightened twin-tails.

In PriPara, she remains shorter than Laala but is shown to be taller than normal. Her hair is slightly lengthened and she gains a brown rabbit hair ornament.

Pripara116 07
Later in the season, her new form appears. Her hair, now lengthened, is dark teal with her twin-tails straightened and is held by a thick braid. Her eyes are electric blue.


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Chiri gets angry and used Chiri Shanshan to summon the water dance.

Chiri is a gentle and somewhat shy young girl. She is easily excited and shows an interest in Idols. As a Celeb Idol, she is arrogant and demanding. Chiri gets embarassed when she in her normal form because of the way she acts in Pripara, and it's why she didn't want to go to Pripara because her body doesn't agree with her. As she keeps going to Pripara with Non and Pepper, she has grown used to her personality and comes to accept it.


Significant Coords


Tsukikawa (月川) - Tsuki (月) means moon, and Kawa (川) means river.

Chiri(ちり) - doesn't have any spesific meaning due her name written in hiragana. However, it could hint on "chili", a spice fruit in English, due to her companion's name "Pepper".


  • Her spiritual animal is a peacock.
  • Chiri contrasts Pepper Taiyou in several ways.
    • Chiri's coords are dark or soft pastels, while Pepper's appear to be bright.
    • Chiri's eyes and hair have colors, while Pepper's are warmer.
    • Chiri has long hair, while Pepper has short hair.
    • The "tsuki" (月) in her name means "moon", while Pepper's surname means "sun".
    • Chiri's real persona is gentle and reserved, while Pepper's is bright and excitable.
  • Her birthday falls on November 15th, so her zodiac is Scorpio.
    • November 15 is Kimono Day in Japan.
  • Although when her assigned brand was Twinkle Ribbon, her casual coord was Wonderland Brownie Coord, a coord from Marionette Mu.
  • Chiri is the first known Idol to change her Type and preferred brand.
  • Chiri is afraid of spiders. 
  • When Usacha imagined her, Pepper, and Non as 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', she was paper.
  • Interestingly, Her Rosette Compact is Purple instead of the normal green.
    • In Episode 113, She is seen talking to someone telling her it's not time for her debut.
    • In Episode 116, the voice is heard telling Chiri to go to Pripara.
    • In Episode 117, it revealed that the voice was Janice, Jewlie's younger sister.
  • Chiri is one of the few idols shown with an item other than her microphone when posing before using a Making Drama.


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