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Cosmo Hojo
Kanji 北条コスモ
Rōmaji Hōjō Kosumo
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age Mid-late 20s
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Teal
Professional Statistics
Occupation Designer


Affiliation Ucchari Big-Bang
Personal Status
Relatives Sophie Hojo (Sister)

Mr. Hojo (father)

Anime Episode 04 - Kashikoma! Cheer For You!
Voice Actors
Japanese Nozomi Yamamoto
Image Gallery

Cosmo Hojo (北条コスモ Hōjō Kosumo) is the older sister of Sophie Hojo. She is a fashion designer in PriPara, specifically the designer of the Cyalume Coords. Because her parents travel overseas, she serves as Sophie's guardian.


Cosmo has shoulder-length, bright teal hair and purple eyes worn with teal eye makeup. Her bangs cover one eye, and curl around her shoulders. She also wears planet earrings and a space themed dress. According to Laala, she is very pretty.


Cosmo is a friendly and kind person who is also shown to be energetic. She often adds the word "cosmic" to her everyday speech.


Sophie Hojo

  • Sophie is Cosmo's younger sister. Cosmo seems to be very protective of Sophie due to the fact that she is an idol.

Ajimi Kiki and Chanko


Hōjō (北条): Hōjō can be split up into two. The  means north, while the  means lines. It can be roughly translated into northern line.

Cosmo is an English word which means relating to the world or the universe. It comes from the Greek word "kosmos" which means order or world.


See Main Article - Cosmo Hojo/ Image Gallery


  • She made a cameo appearance in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live episode 34.
  • Cosmo resembles Rena from the Dance Dance Revolution Wii series.
  • She was a rival character in the 3DS game Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Kira Kira My☆Design.
  • Sophie and Cosmo live in Pride Tower Hills, on floor number 33, in apartment number 3333.
    • Sophie and Cosmo also live in the same apartment building as Hibiki Shikyoin.
  • During Episode 11, it was revealed that she designed the coords used during the Cyalume Change.
  • She is the 5th person in the Pretty Rhythm/PriPara franchise to visibly wear make up.
    • First being Ito from Rainbow Live, secondly Ritsu (Bell's Mother), thirdly Futaba (Wakana's mother), and fourthly in Pripara, Gloria Ookanada.
  • Cosmo is the only supporting character to have a main visual created. Also, she has her own casual coord, the Denim Cosmo Coord, in a PriTicket.
    • She is also the only supporting character/idol to have her own insert character song.
  • Her age is unknown; however, between the fact that her appearance is unchanged from several years ago when Sophie debuted, the fact that she has a well-established career, and that she can't be too much older than Sophie, it can be inferred that she is in her mid-late twenties.
  • Her voice actress, Nozomi Yamamoto, also voices Kurun and Seshini in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.
  • She resembles to Rosalina, from the Super Mario series. Both have space as their theme, they have a bang covering one of their eyes, and they have almost the same personality.
  • On the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live DX CD, Ito was shown wearing her dress.
  • Her birthday falls on September 12th, which is Space Day in Japan.
    • Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.

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