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Episode 08 - Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Caspice at the Pool♪

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Episode 08 - Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Caspice at the Pool♪
Pripara Episode 8 Screen Shoot 10
Season 1 Episode 8
Season 1
Episode Number 8
Air Date August 22, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!

Solar Flare Sherbet (briefly)
Make It (briefly)

Coord(s) Deep Red Hibiscus Summer Coord
Hibiscus Summer Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 07 - Looking For A Red Flash...
Next Episode Episode 09 - Exciting Idol Gathering

Excitement! Summer! Swimsuits! Caspice at the Pool is the 8th episode of PriPara, and it first aired on August 22nd, 2014.


Laala goes on a playdate with Nao to the pool one summer day and gets reminded that she has a performance later on. While having fun, Laala decides that now would be the perfect time to reveal the truth to Nao. But after Nao runs off in a huff, Laala attempts to fix things and restore their friendship.


Laala complains over the heat one day in her bedroom. She doesn't want to do anything and attempts to imagine what she would feel like had it been winter. At first it works, but she is then interrupted by thoughts of warm udon, a warm table to sit under, and a very big, fluffy kuma to keep her warm. After angrily venting, she happens to hear Nao from the window and looks out. Nao invites her to come with her to the pool today and Laala quickly accepts, which makes Nao realy happy since they haven't hung out in a while.

Before she leaves, Nao tells her that they can meet up in front of the Parajuku Pool in thirty minutes. Laala turns and begins to pack for her exciting trip to the pool. Since her dad is there selling gelato she is sure it will be fine anyway. But she is interrupted by Non, who remins her of the performance she has that day.

Laala panics and overlooks her calendar on her phone to see that Non was right. She is called by Kuma, who has decided to remind Laala of the Exciting Summer Swimsuit Coord Live. She makes an attempt to ask if he can reschedule, but Kuma hangs up on Laala by threatening to pour Miso soup into every single glass of orange juice she will ever try to drink if she shows up too late.

Non tells Laala that she will just need to cancel the pool trip, but Laala refuses because she promised Nao they could go. She recalls how saddened Nao was when her PriTicket was taken by the Headmistress and since that day she has been very secretive with her. Laala decides today will be the day she finally reveals the truth to Nao and after grabbing everything she runs off to meet her friend.

The girls quickly change and go to greet Laala's dad before they go out to play. Eventually they stop for lunch and Laala runs of, only to be stopped by the head disciplinary, Mirei, who scolds her for breaking three rules. Laala is annoyed, but she is happy to see Mirei there. Mirei explains how she came to check out the current swim fashions since she was sure they would help her decide which of the swimsuit coords may be the best. She warns Laala to keep her eyes open before the show also, so Laala decides that she needs to make sure she tells Nao the truth. She purchases a lot of food, in an attempt to butter her friend up, and keeps her nice and cool, massages her shoulders, gets her a drink, and plays music for her. Nao thinks it is a little weird and assumes Laala just wants to copy her summer homework, only to point out that she had not done very much either.

Laala makes an attempt to tell Nao the truth, but when Nao suddenly spouts out the words "PriPara", Laala is shocked to find a nearby television with Pripara on it. Meganee is in the middle of giving an interview with Sophie. She asks Sophie what she thinks about the beach, and all Sophie discusses are the jellyfish. As this is going on, Sophie (currently in Fancy Form) is floating by, unnoticed by everyone. Her fan club is on the search for her as a performance goes on the television.

It is then Nao mentions that while she likes Sophie, she has found another idol that she likes even better. An idol whose name is also Laala. In that time, an interview of Laala and Mirei from the other day comes onto the television. Nao explains how happy she feels, even at her most saddest of times, whenever she sees the idol Laala. This causes Laala to calm down, and she considers voicing the truth now, but stops again when Nao expresses sadness over her PriTicket being stolen. She would love to meet the idol she admires so much, and in hearing this Laala begins to think it is okay now. But she is unable to when Nao tries to make her promise to see a performance of Laala's together some day, so instead she gets up to return the empty dishes.

By the food Laala panics once again over the events. She really wants to tell Nao the truth, but after hearing this she isn't sure that she should now. But it'd be too hard to lie anymore. When Mirei comes by to remind her that it's time to leave for the audition, Laala decides that now is the time to tell Nao the truth. She tells Mirei to go ahead and runs back to Nao, who is waiting in line. She practices how to apologize in the mean time, but is approached by Nao before she is able to figure out the best way to go about it.

Suddenly she spits it right out. She tells Nao the truth, but is not believed until she shows Nao her PriTicket. Nao, shocked by this drops the ice cream and Laala promises that she had a good reason for not being honest sooner, but after she mentions that she has to leave for a performance, a distraught Nao tells Laala off for being a big liar and claims to hate her before she runs off to join some friends. Laala makes an attempt to get her to listen, but they go ignored, causing her to start crying.

Her attempt to swim after is interrupted by Mirei, who stayed behind to inform her that she broke an idol rule. Idols must never be seen crying in public, which she knew since she watched the entire thing. She tells Laala that as an idol, one of her duties is to make Nao smile, then she decides that they need to go. Laala suddenly is hit by inspiration to perform, so that she can make Nao smile from the stage.

At Prism Stone the girls change and head right to the performance area. They use their tickets to change into their desired swimsuit coords and perform for everyone.

As they are preparing to perform, Nao is shown to be witnessing this from the pool with her friends. They notice how sad she looks, and she attempts to leave, only to be stopped by Laala on the television. Laala explains how important this is, and she begins to tell Nao how sorry she feels for what she had done. She cares a lot for Nao and it is because of her that she was even to get onto the stage and perform to begin with. After she says that, she tells Nao to smile again before she starts to perform.

It is during this time that Nao is able to realize how Laala was never really to blame. She wasn't the one who stole her ticket away, and she tried to tell her plenty of times before but Nao never gave her a chance. She was only jealous that Laala was being able to live out her dream, instead of herself. Feeling much better now, Nao runs off.

Kuma congratulates the girls for their summer outfits they chose for the performance. They return to normal and Laala heads straight out to the pool. She is surprised to find Nao heading in her direction and the girls stop. The girls reconcile with one-another, then Nao compliments Laala's performance. She talks about how lovely her voice is, and how her smile is, and everything else.

Touched by this, Laala takes out her Friend Ticket and gives it to Nao. Nao refuses at first since she doesn't have any tickets in return to swap, but Laala still wants her to have it. She promises that one day she will become so powerful that the headmistress wont be able to stop her, and then she will get back Nao's PriTicket and they can go to PriPara together.

Late in the day, now that most of the people have left, Sophie's fan club is out searching for her. Unable to notice that she is floating by in the water still.

Character Appearance

Major Events


  • Nao is given her first major role in an episode since her appearance in episode one.
  • This is the first time that a Friends Ticket is given but another isn't given back.
  • This is the first episode to use three insert songs.


Pripara - Episode 8 Preview00:30

Pripara - Episode 8 Preview

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 8 - Laala & Mireille - Marburu Make Up a ha ha!02:33

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 8 - Laala & Mireille - Marburu Make Up a ha ha!


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