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Episode 10 - Autumn-Colored Lovely Live
Episode 10 title
Season 1 Episode 10
Kanji 秋色ラブリーライブ
Season 1
Episode Number 10
Air Date September 06, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!
Coord(s) Autumn Leaf Chestnut Coord
Pink Autumn Leaf Coord
Lunatic Moon Coord (Briefly)
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 09 - Exciting Idol Gathering
Next Episode Episode 11 - What To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?!

Autumn-Colored Lovely Live is the 10th episode of PriPara, and it first aired on September 6th, 2014.


Kuma doesn't think that Laala or Mirei are good enough to compete with Sophie so he tells them that they need to win their next tournament. Meanwhile, Eiko's tennis rival, Love Tochiotome is too afraid to enter PriPara due to her low self-esteem. Can Laala and Mirei help Love while reaching for the top?


Laala has just finished filling Mirei and Kuma in on the secrets of Sophie in one of the rooms. They are surprised and Mirei realizes how important Sophie really would be to them, while Kuma claims that someone like her would be too hard for him to handle. Laala insists that the real Sophie isn't useless after he calls her as such, but then they start to bicker. Which goes on until Mirei yells at them both to cut it out.

Elsewhere, Sophie recalls what happened after, when Laala offered her a chance to join them. Now evening, she overlooks Laala's friend card and thinks about how for once she was able to do something on her own. She is sure that because of this, she can now do things on her own and plans on seeing to it.

The next day, Gloria is collecting a new set of PriTickets now that the second term of the school year has begun. She is quite happy by how things are and can't help but fawn over the food of Papa's Pasta when Laala walks by. She is sure she smells PriTickets on her and attempts to get them, but Nao is able to distract her by claiming to see some. But after, claims it was only a cloud before running off for cleaning duty. Laala hands over her bag but no PriTickets are located and she is given permission to go.

Later, at Prism Stone, Laala is quick to change and head into PriPara, where it was revealed that Sophie agreed to team up with them. Kuma is surprised by this, but he isn't looking forward to seeing Usagi since he would be part of the package too. He makes up a condition and announces that if they are unable to work together then the team will breakup. He tells them they need to prove it to him first. The girls are eager, so he fills them in on the Autumn Color Girls Live event, which is being sponsored by Parabou, a big cosmetics company. The winners will be the image girls of ParaBou's new Autumn-themed lipsticks. It would be great publicity if they win, and it will prove to him that they can handle it. But if they fail then he will be choosing whoever he sees fit as their partner. He then tells them to go and find some new outfits for the live while he prepares for hibernation. The girls do not understand at first, but they decide to go and study Autumn a little to get some ideas.

In the library, Laala and Mirei attempt to study by reading. But after Laala falls asleep they try to take some inspiration from art, until Laala eats the display.

They move onto their third idea and head out to try playing some sports. Their show is that evening but they still don't have any ideas, which causes Laala to panic while Mirei claims that she needs to finish processing all of her ideas. It is then Eiko hears them. She greets the girls and approaches them before they spot her rival from last time. Love, the rival walks over and introduces herself properly to the girls. The four sit down and Eiko explains how she and Love befriended one-another after their big match against each other. So since then they have been training together, and Love explains how important a good rival can be. It is then that Eiko mentions how scary she assumed Love was at first, but then it actually turns out that Love is very shy, and actually cute. This flusters Love so much that she gets up and rapidly practices her tennis swings, but Eiko tells Mirei and Laala that it is normal of her.

Eiko then goes on to claim that the girls happened to come at the right time though. She brings up how she and Love discuss how Love has never been to PriPara before, and Love explains that this is because she feels as though she'd be an outsider there, due to her body type. Eiko is sure that Laala could be the person to give Love the push she needs to convince her to go into PriPara. Laala is eager to try and she explains how everyone always got annoyed by her loud voice, but once she went to PriPara she learned to love her voice. Everyone can change and become happier in PriPara. Laala then suggests they head over right now, so the girls change and run straight to Prism Stone.

There, they push the hesitant Love inside. They approach Meganee and explain how Love will be joining PriPara for the first time, then they ask her to pick out a nice outfit for Love. Meganee agrees and compliments Love's body proportions after she takes her PriTicket. She decides on the brand and registers Love's default outfit, then sends the four girls to the Shop Gate.

After Love steps in, the three follow behind her an compliment her lovely new appearance. At first Love feels a little awkward, but after hearing them and the Meganee nearby, she feels much more confident. They head into the town, where her tall and stylish nature is quick to draw in many of the other girls. She introduces herself as Cool Lovely, which makes the girls continue to fawn over her. They are joined by Kuma, and even he is taken by Cool Lovely. His flirtatious behavior causes Laala, Mirei, and Eiko annoyance, though Love is very flattered by the attention. But she draws a limit and sends him flying, which once again impresses all of the girls.

It is then Laala and Mirei get inspiration for the Autumn as well. They thank a clueless Love for her help and leave for the performance area. They change into their Autumn coords and appear on stage, where they get right to performing.

As their performance goes on, a hesitant Sophie slowly exits from her home and begins to leave. She plans on heading to PriPara on her own, but during the trip finds herself distracted. She naps at one point, helps an elderly lady cross the street, gets followed by a cat, has fun walking the line, runs into a tall structure, and eventually realizes that she has gotten lost. She is passed by a couple that comment on how she resembles Sophie but think nothing of it.

Eventually she lays down for a rest, unable to take it anymore. Her Fanclub is able to quickly locate her and they try to determine why she would leave on her own.

In PriPara the four friends exchange their Friend Tickets. It is then revealed that they have won the Live and proceed to put on the lipsticks before posing for everyone.

Sophie explains to her sister and Usagi how she really wanted to get to PriPara on her own. Cosmo is a little concerned, while Usagi tells her that she didn't need to bother doing that, since she only has to do what they say and nothing more. Cosmo suggests they just give her some privacy and they begin to leave, but before they do, Usagi reveals that he has picked Sophie's teammates for the Sparkling Future Idol Live. This shocks her, but before she can say anything they leave.

Laala and Mirei head over to Sophie's room with a present in hand, a box of a fresh variation of Pickled Plums. They knock on the door and hand her the present, which surprises her. But she forces them to take it back and hands over Laala's friend card before shutting the door on them. Both Laala and Mirei are caught off guard by the turn of events and wonder what has gone wrong as the episode ends.

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PuRiPaRa PriPara Episode 10 Preview プリパラ エピソード10のプレビュー00:41

PuRiPaRa PriPara Episode 10 Preview プリパラ エピソード10のプレビュー

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 10 - Laala & Mirei - Marble Make Up A Ha Ha!-001:42

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 10 - Laala & Mirei - Marble Make Up A Ha Ha!-0


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