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Episode 11 - What To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?!

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Episode 11 - What To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?!
Season 1 Episode 11
Kanji どうする?どうなる!? 3人目!!!
Season 1
Episode Number 11
Air Date September 13, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Make It ,Solar Flare Sherbet ,Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!
Coord(s) Royal Pirate Coord, Freshly Picked Lime Coord, and Freshly Picked Orange Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 10 - Autumn-Colored Lovely Live
Next Episode Episode 12 - Fly, Sophie!

What To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?! is the 11th episode of PriPara, and it first aired on September 13th, 2014. 


Despite Kuma's plans to scout for a third member, Laala is still determined to team up with Sophie for the Sparkling Grand Prix. In order to prove she's good enough for Sophie, Laala performs in consecutive solo shows to rank up. Elsewhere, Usagi introduces a depressed Sophie to her new team members and she attempts to tell everyone how she feels. Will Laala and Mirei gain a new third member? Can Sophie free herself from Usagi's hold on her, or will she remain stuck in her cage?


An upset Laala and Mirei think over the events that took place earlier. Laala had noticed how upset Sophie looked when she returned the Friend Ticket but they have no idea what could have happened in such a short amount of time. They spot Kuma hitting on a bunch of random girls, who after being called out on it, claims he was trying to scout a final member. The event is coming up at the end of the month and he has to find them a third member so that he can enjoy his hibernation peacefully. Laala still wants Sophie as their teammate but Kuma reminds her that she declined. Usagi then interrupts the conversation to rub the rejection in the groups face, much to their aggravation. He explains that Sophie is way above their group and takes off when Mirei points out the flaw in the phrase he chose to use to say that.

Laala requests more time and Kuma gives them until noon the following day. They run off in search of Sophie, but by the time they reach her location, she was unable to hear them and leaves. Laala is stopped by Sadako and Chanko and asks them about the Friends Ticket. They refuse to say anything and attempt to leave- only for Mirei to stop and ask if they care about who Sophie really is. They continue to be stubborn, saying they know what is best for her.

Laala is disappointed by how things have worked up until this point. But she refuses to stop now because Sophie needs them. It is then she gets an idea and she asks Mirei to stop by Papa's Pasta the next day.

After meeting up the girls head over to the apartment building Sophie lives at, dressed in uniforms from Papa's Pasta. They have brought some food gifts and because they couldn't get to her in PriPara, they are sure it will be fine here since Sophie is normally by herself. They ring the bell to the room and Mirei is instantly surprised when she sees Cosmo answer the door. Cosmo questions the price of the food but Laala offers it for free, since she was hoping to actually speak to Sophie. But unfortunately Sophie isn't home at the time. Mirei goes on to reveal how much she knows about Cosmo, apparently being a fan. She explains how important Cosmo is to the PriPara fashion as well, and brings up the Cyalume coords they use while performing. Flattered by Mirei's words, Cosmo invites the girls in for tea.

Having been seated, Laala and Mirei explain what happened the other day and Cosmo recalls Sophie mentioning that she would be in a unit for the first time, which pleasantly surprised her. But after Laala brings up the sudden refusal decline, she continues on by explaining Sophie's miserable attempt to get to PriPara on her own. She had failed and she believes it shook her confidence. She also mentions that while outside of Pripara she usually looks after Sophie alone, but inside she has both Usagi and her fan club members. But lately, Cosmo finds herself concerned it might not be a good thing. The girls thank Cosmo for what she told them and soon leave, but Mirei asks if she can deliver a message to Sophie first. She tells her that if she plans to give up after a single failure she isn't fit for their team. If she really wants to learn to fly they will help in anyway they can, but she has to make the first step on her own.

Once outside, Mirei goes over the calculations of being teamed with Sophie now. She announces that the chances have gone down by 98%, so they may as well give up. They have done what they could for her and should be focusing on themselves and this upcoming event. Kuma then calls the girls and after Laala reveals how poorly it went, he decides on holding interviews to pick their third member.

In PriPara, the interviews begin. The first girl, Keiko, comes in and is very nervous about the interview. She asks to perform a song for them and when it's agreed, she suddenly reveals her true form, a wild rap idol. The girls are very unprepared for this and they comment that while there is nothing wrong with rap, it wont mesh well with their Traditional Idol style. They move onto the next girl and the lights instantly go out. She puts on an enka performance which also goes poorly. The next three also do bad, in that they have to deal with an Idol who loves metal, a samurai, and a Parakappa.

Eventually they give up and the girls challenge Kuma's qualifications for selecting unit members. Laala still wants Sophie and she realizes that she could never be with anyone else because of this and recalls what Kuma said earlier. She asks that he books her a bunch of solo events, but Kuma doesn't understand at first. After Laala explains that ranking up is the only thing left to try and end up being good no matter what, he agrees and tells her not to slack off.

With that in mind, Laala spends the next few days working hard with training, practice, fan time, performing, and small relaxation sessions. Mirei is pretty impressed by how she has been acting lately and is surprised by how she's able to keep going, but it feels quiet not having her to hang out with. It is then Kuma announces that he managed to find the perfect candidate for them and Mirei is introduced to a girl named Dorothy. The girls exchange greetings before he explains that Dorothy wants to watch a team performance before she decides which Unit to join, and Mirei agrees, saying this makes sense. With that the girls head out of the room and so far, Mirei likes her.

Elsewhere, Sadako is busy brushing Sophie's hair for her performance. Sophie discusses her brand new Making Drama but recalls what Laala and Mirei said the day before. But only for a second, because it is then Usagi appears with his picks for her unit, twins named New and Mew. Sophie doesn't seem to care about them though, and this offends the girls until Sadako is able to cover for her. It does not work though, because Usagi informs them how long New and Mew have been in PriPara. They are in the Major Class, and are high school students with a lot more experience. While this is impressive, Sophie is still unhappy- as are the twins after realizing they are only there to be backup dancers for her.

Laala runs down the hallway and quickly embraces Mirei by the time she gets backstage. She is very happy to see her, but Mirei worries she may be too tired now. Laala assures her she is fine though and mentions that while performing solo is fine, she prefers to be with Mirei. She tries to encourage Mirei by bringing up Sophie again, but before she can tell Laala about the change in plans, they are called by Kuma to perform.

After the performance it is revealed that Laala has made it to Debut Class and achieved a real rank up. Kuma congratulates her, but they are approached by Usagi, who reveals that by now it doesn't matter since Sophie has been picked to be with idols far above her, so her ranking will inflate big time. Laala still refuses to give up, but by now she is the only one. Before anything else can be said, it is announced that Sophie will now be performing, so they go out to see her.

Sophie performs as usual, but when it comes time to do her Making Drama, everyone is shocked by it. Her fanclub members, Laala and Mirei, and even Cosmo start to realize that something is wrong when she is unable to complete it, but the fans remain unaware. Sophie ends the Making Drama and finishes the performance.

Afterwards, Sophie receives many compliments for her Making Drama, but she tells her group that it wasn't finished. While this is going on, Cosmo is reduced to tears while realizing how unhappy her little sister is, and Laala is even more dedicated to freeing her friend.

Character Appearances

Major Events

  • Dorothy West makes her cameo debut in this episode and is announced as Laala and Mirei's teammate.
  • Sophie completes her first shown independent Making Drama.
    • It was a metaphor portraying how she felt trapped, like a caged bird.
    • Cosmo picks up on this, as do Laala, Mirei, Sadako, and Chanko
  • Laala ranks up to a debut class idol.
  • Laala performs multiple times alone without Mirei for the first time. However, none of these were actually shown in full length.
  • Sophie's new partners, New and Mew, are introduced. They are a higher class than Sophie, and in High School.
  • Its revealed that Cosmo creates Cyalume Change coords.


  • Sophie says that the Making Drama she used in her performance was unfinished.
  • The winning design from PriPara school's contest made a cameo.
    • This makes it the first time that Laala hasn't wore her ribbon.
  • The performance of Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha! is very similar to the one from Episode 6.


(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 11 - SOPHIE - 「太陽のflare sherbet」01:55

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 11 - SOPHIE - 「太陽のflare sherbet」


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