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Episode 14 - A Rival Appears! I'll Be Counting On You From Now On!!

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Episode 14 - A Rival Appears! I'll Be Counting On You From Now On
Pripara-Episode 14 Preview Screen Shot 03
Season 1 Episode 14
Season 1
Episode Number 14
Air Date October 4, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) No D&D Code
Coord(s) Eternal Punk Coord
Twin Gingham Coord
Baby Monster Cyalume Coord
Fortune Party D Cyalume Coord
Fortune Party L Cyalume Coord
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 13 - Smile at the Sky♡Team Name Announced!
Next Episode Episode 15 - Critical Situation? Shion VS Mirei-Pri!

 A Rival Appears! I'll Be Counting On You From Now On! is the 14th episode of PriPara, and it first aired on October 4th, 2014.


With her decision to become an idol, Shion is thrust into PriPara with no pre-set plans and meets with the revenge seeking Dorothy and Usagi. With her plans to defeat SoLaMi Smile she decides to join their unit. 


Kuma calls the girls in to discuss their newest goal- to receive the Paradise Coord, which is known to be best coord in all of PriPara. He explains that the coord is won in separate pieces, and first up will be the Christmas Idol Grand Prix, to gain the Paradise Shoes. But Kuma soon slips into gloating over how important he would become if they should be able to get the entire coord put together. While this goes on, all three girls voice their excitement over it. 

Elsewhere, Shion is in search of her PriTicket. After checking her 99th spot, she happens to find a warning ticket Mirei gave her at school sometime back, after she was caught solving a Go Puzzle in the hallway. She ignored Mirei until having the warning characteristically slammed onto her face, and as she took her leave Shion swore revenge on her. 

An angry Shion continues to search until she realizes this is not solving anything. She calms herself and soon is able to spot it among a pile of Go chips. With this she can now go to PriPara, and races over to Prism Stone.

Once there however, she has no idea of what to do, or how to begin. She happens to spot Laala, who is loudly singing to herself. Realizing she must be an idol, Shion approaches her to ask what she needs to do in order to get started in PriPara. At first Laala's excitable demeanor startles her, but as they go inside she is able to learn quite a bit. They approach Meganee, and once she finishes looking over Shion (only to deduce that a monster is inside of her), she thinks the cool, punk look of Baby Monster fits her best. 

As they head over to the scanner to PriPara, they are approached by Mirei, Sophie, and Sophie's Fan Club. Once Shion deduces who the girls are, she quickly heads into PriPara and is greeted by the transformed others. They comment on how nice she looks and she can't help but take a moment to observe herself. Laala offers to snap Friends Tickets with her, only to be outright rejected by Shion - who storms off insisting they are enemies, claiming that black and white do not mix. Unknown to them, a dirty Usagi happens to be watching and he decides Shion may be of some use.

As Shion stands by the fountain, she tries to determine what to do first. But Usagi comes by and claims that they may be able to get along. At first she refuses to listen and claims to dislike the color gray, but after enough convincing words Shion quickly reconsiders. They shake hands and Usagi takes Shion to meet her new teammates.

As they arrive, Shion is greeted by a set of twin idols- Dorothy and Leona, whom were rejected by SoLaMi Smile. The four sit down and Dorothy mentions disliking SoLaMi Smile just as much as she does, pointing out that Leona was just about to rank up and reach Potential Idol Class, where she herself is.

After Shion tells Dorothy to stay out of her way, Dorothy challenges Shion by pointing out her newbie status, and goes on to claim she isn't even cute. Shion counters by saying whilst Leona is cute, Dorothy certainly isn't. Eventually they begin to bicker while Leona and Usagi attempt to calm them down. The four move on to practice, where they discover that Shion happens to be a horrible singer. An angry Dorothy insists that they leave since they are just wasting time, but once Shion is able to connect the dots and realize it is like Go, she tries once more and does much better. Then they go to watch a bunch of other Idols dance before Shion gives it a try and shows how good she is. While Leona and Usagi happen to be happy with it, Dorothy is still annoyed, but feels a little better now. The four are approached by Megani, who has come to bring the girls their own PriPasses, along with a brand new song just for them. He leaves and the girls head outside to try to determine a unit name. They struggle at first, but Leona is able to think of some connections and they put together the unit name of "Dressing Pafe". 

They head back inside and Shion is beginning to feel pretty tired. She doesn't really want to do much else but they still need to discuss the Making Drama. Dorothy explains that it is a way for the idols the convey their thoughts and feelings to the audience members. They watch SoLaMi Smile perform theirs, but struggle to come up with anything good. It is then that Shion asks what the "punk" theme is. 

Elsewhere, SoLaMi Smile has just put on a show for everyone and are now taking it easy. Kuma feels very content with this, but he is interrupted when Shion, Leona, and Dorothy come into the room to declare war with them. After they storm off, Mirei comments how cocky both Shion and Dorothy are, but Laala and Sophie don't seem to really think much of it.

With that, Dressing Pafe heads out onto the stage.  After the performance the girls listen to everyone comment on how charming and cute the twins are, and how impressed they are with Shion for her first time performance. It is then they happen to notice Usagi, where he reveals this is his team, and their plans to crush SoLaMi Smile. A depressed Kuma thinks back to what he said earlier and begins to fret that it is his fault they gained such powerful opponents. 

Character Appearances

Major Events


  • During Dressing Pafé's making drama, Shion's and Dorothy's parts were very similar to Ann's (Drums) and Naru's (Guitar) Prism Live.
  • Dorothy and Shion's eyecatches were first used in this episode.
  • During the Cyalume Change in this episode, Shion's PriPass was a different color then future Cyalume changes.


Pri Para Episode 14 Preview RAW HD プリパラ 第14話 HD 720P00:33

Pri Para Episode 14 Preview RAW HD プリパラ 第14話 HD 720P

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 14 - Dressing Pafe - 「No D&D code」-302:38

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 14 - Dressing Pafe - 「No D&D code」-3

PriPara episode 14 Engsub Full HD20:00

PriPara episode 14 Engsub Full HD

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