Exciting Present For You!

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Pripara Episode 37 48

Kanji Name ときめきPresent for You!
Romanized Name Tokimeki Puresento Fo Yu!
Creator Laala Manaka
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Laala Manaka, Mirei Minami, Sophie Hojo, Faruru Bokerdole, Shion Todo, Dorothy West & Leona West

Exciting Present for You! (ときめきPresent for You!Tokimeki Puresento Fo Yu!) is a Making Drama created by Laala and first used in Episode 3 of the anime. 

In the game, it is performed by idols who wear Twinkle Ribbon coords.

Character Appearances


The Idol floats in a pink diamond tile room next to a large peach, pink, and white floral present box. She pulls two gold ribbon before bouncing on the lid to pull the final present. The box opens with several items surrounding her, including stars, three types of cookies, shiny spheres of pink, orange, red, green diamonds, flowers of pink, blue, and yellow, and seagulls. The Idol is thrown into the air and floats on the object, which is either a large gold star or pickled plum pizza, surrounded by a flowing gold ribbon. After a second she floats by holding a wrapped present or item, then makes a final pose.

When two Idols perform this, they both float next to the present box, instead of on the object. For more Idols, one sits on the object while the other surrounds it.

In some cases, bubbles with various images will surround the present, these included images of Laala and Faruru, and various instances of Laala in Idol form and normal form.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s

Laala Manaka

Mirei Minami

PriPara - 04 726 56

Laala Manaka

Mirei Minami

螢幕快照 2014-11-29 上午11.42.03
螢幕快照 2015-01-31 下午12.15.59
Faruru Bokerdole
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Laala Manaka
Pripara Episode 37 48


Laala Manaka


  • Pickled Plum Pizza, which is the pizza used in this Making Drama, is Sophie Hojo's favorite pizza. It is also a dish at Papa's Pasta.
  • This is the first character-created Making Drama.
  • This Making Drama is the first one to have two remakes, both of which are holiday editions.
  • Including the remakes, this is currently the most used Making Drama in the series.
  • This was the first Making Drama used in Season 3.

Image Gallery

Video Gallery

01 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Making Drama Exciting Present For You! Laala Version00:16

01 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Making Drama Exciting Present For You! Laala Version

09 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Making Drama Exciting Present For You! Mikan Version00:08

09 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Making Drama Exciting Present For You! Mikan Version

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