Kanji ファララ・ア・ラーム
Rōmaji Farara a rāmu
Physical and Vital Information
Species Vocal Doll
Gender Female
Age Ancient
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Pastel Mint Green
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Personal Status
Anime Episode 145 - Punicorn's Manager Lesson ~kuma! (Cameo)
Voice Actors
Japanese Azusa Sato
Image Gallery

Falala/Farara•A•Larm is a legendary spirit that appears in Idol Time PriPara. Like Jewlie before her, she appears after being awoken when Idols perform to determine who is suitable to reach Divine Idol status and will hand over the Idol Time Harp. Her preferred brand is Clock Garden.

It was revealed that Falala only wakes up when the Clock Tower's hand moves through the power of performances and dreams, and Galala was the one who made her sleep.



Falala resembles the other Goddesses and Vocal Dolls. She has a youthful appearance with large gold eyes that have up-pointed clock hands in them and mint lashes. Her long, curly mint hair is worn in pigtails that reach her knees and resemble long, stretched out drills. Each pigtail is held by a thick braid of hair and the accessories most Vocal Dolls wear. Her bangs are put into a smaller braid that curls to the right of her head, neatly tucked into her thin, curled forelocks that reach her chest. She wears a gold and white pair of headphones with flowers attached to the top of her head to match the ornament on her forehead.


  • Galala•S•Leep - Same manager of the time in a Ancient PriPara like her.
  • Yui Yumekawa - Yui is currently trying to revive Falala completely. She had achieved this once, but had only temporarily revived Falala.

Significant Coords



  • Her hairstyle may have been based on the default Vocal Doll hair style available in the game.
  • Her Idol Time Harp resembles the Idol Time Mic.
  • Her name is similar to Faruru, as it's only off by two letters.
    • She also appears to resemble her more than the other Vocal Dolls.
  • She shares her voice actress with Fuwari Midorikaze.
  • Falala's birthday falls on June 10th.
    • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.
    • In Japan on June 10 is the anniversary of the time.
    • She has the same birthday as Galala.
  • Her favorite food is Macaron.
  • In episode 168, it was revealed by Meganii that she is a legendary spirit that lived in the ancient Pripara.
  • Falala shares the same way of walking with Yui before the pre-making drama pose.

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