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Fortune Party
Type Pop
User(s) Dorothy West
Leona West
Anime Debut TBA

Fortune Party is a Pop type brand. It is preferred by Dorothy West and Leona West.

Known Coords

Promotional Coord 2014

October 2014 Millefaui Collection Vol.2.

December 2014 Millefaui Collection Vol.3

2014 2nd Live Collection

Cyalume Coord Challenge Collection

Pri Pass Idol Link Collection 2014

2015 3rd Live Collection

2015 1st Live Collection

Dream Theater 2015 1st Live

July 2015 Millefaui Collection Vol.7

Dream Theater 2015 2nd Live

2015 3rd Live Collection

2015 Series Promotional Coords

Cyalume Miracle Pact Collection

Dream Theater 2015 4th Live

2015 4th Live Collection

November 2015 Millefaui Collection Vol. 9

Dream Theater 2015 6th Live

2015 Dream Parade Live Collection

Dream Theater Dream Parade

Divine 2016 Vol.1 Collection

2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords

Divine 2016 Vol.2 Collection

Dream Theater 2016 Divine Vol. 2

Divine 2016 Vol.3 Collection

Divine 2016 Vol.4 Collection

Divine 2016 Vol.5 Collection

Dream Theater 2016 Divine Vol. 5

Divine 2016 Vol.6 Collection


See Fortune Party/Image Gallery.


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