A Friends Ticket is the top part of a PriTicket that you can trade with friends. They are earned after doing an audition or performance.

Exchanged PriTickets

Season 2


  • In Episode 2, it was revealed that you don't actually have to perform with someone to exchange tickets, as Laala traded tickets with Eiko, whom she didn't perform with in that episode.
  • Shion Todo is the first character to refuse trading friend tickets (not counting Sophie, who accepted it before returning it).
    • She also is the first to trade them forcefully. 
  • If you exchange Friends Tickets as a trio, you form a small ceremony, and each person recites one part of an acronym for PriPara. A translated version will be added below:
    • P - Promise, to believe in friendship. (Person 1) (Puromisu, yuujou o shinjite.)
    • Ri - Rhythm, which is carved in our hearts. (Person 2) (Rizumu, kizande.)
    • PaParadise, our goal. (Person 3) (Paradaisu, motomete.)
  • ~Exchanges Friends Tickets~
    • Ra We swear to stand on stage as one. (All together) (Raibu suru koto, koko ni chikaimasu.)
  • Friends Tickets used to be cut with a pair of scissors instead of snapped. They were called PriCoupons, and looked different as well.