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Idol Units are groups of two or more idols in PriPara who perform together. Usually, idol units consist of three people. There is also a three-person idol unit competition, called the Sparkling Grand Prix - a competition that the legendary Saints was formed for.

Unit Ceremony

In Episode 12, it is revealed that there is a ceremony concerning the creation of a three-person unit. Each idol must be in possession of two PriTickets in order for the ceremony to commence.

The three idols must stand in a triangular formation. One by one, they must snap off the Friends Tickets on their PriTickets, cross their arms and trade them with each other while reciting the following:

  • Idol A: "Promise... believe in friendship." (プロミス。。。友情を信じて Puromisu...  Yūjō o shinjite)
  • Idol B: "Rhythm... carved in our hearts." (リズム。。。刻んで Rizumu... Kizan de)
  • Idol C: "Paradise... Our Goal." (パラダイス。。。求めて Paradaisu... Motomete)
  • All: "Here, We swear to stand on stage as one." (ライブをすることをここに誓います Raibu o suru koto o koko ni chikaimasu)

Two unit ceremonies were showcase in Episode 12. The first was between Sophie Hojo and the NMews Sisters, but was unsuccessful, as Sophie backed out of the ceremony at the last minute. Soon after, another ceremony was performed between Sophie, Laala Manaka and Mirei Minami, which was completed, forming SoLaMi♡SMILE.

A third ceremony was showcased in Episode 25 between Shion Todo and the West siblings, officially forming their unit Dressing Pafé despite having debuted several episodes beforehand. SoLaMi♡SMILE underwent another unit ceremony in Episode 43, reforming their unit after they were involuntarily disbanded in Episode 38.

In Episode 40 it is reveal that a unit can only be formed if there is a manager to witness the formation ceremony.

A fourth ceremony was showcased in Episode 105 between Aroma Kurosu,Mikan Shiratama,and Gaaruru,officially forming Garumageddon.


Dream Teams

In Season 2, a concept known as Dream Teams was introduced for the Dream Theater, in which only five-person units can participate. When five idols' Cyalume Charms shine simultaneously, it indicates the formation of a compatible Dream Team. Dream Teams are able to be reset (Solamageddon Mi), unless they participate in the seasonal Grand Prixes and manage to Cyalume Change into the Dream Parade coords (Dressing Flower, Cosmic Omurice da Vinci), after which they must continue as a team in the following Grand Prixes.

Known Idol Units


  • SoLaMi♡SMILE
  • Dressing Pafé
  • SoLaMi♡Dressing
  • Aromageddon
  • Saints
  • Triangle
  • NMews Sisters
  • Garumageddon
  • Tricolore
  • SoLa♡Ageddon MiGo to SoLa♡Ageddon Mi
  • Dressing Flower
  • Aromasoreshi Mi
  • Cosmic Omurice da Vinci
  • Celepara Opera Company
  • FriendAll

Dream Teams

Real Life


  • The first syllables of each line for the Unit Ceremony make up the word "PuriPara" (PriPara).



Real Life

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