Season 1

Episode 1

  • Laala is just an ordinary girl who enjoys watching PriPara, but never imagined participating due to her not receiving her PriTicket. Laala found Mirei's PriTicket bag while running errands for her mother, which led to her entering PriPara. Then she was dragged into an pair audition with Mirei, called Fresh Idol Live, and performed very well, despite it being her first time. Kuma and another girl believed Laala had a "Prism Voice" but Laala quickly left PriPara after her audition to continue her errands.

Episode 2

  • Laala now has a great passion to be in PriPara. However while she rushes to school, she accidentally packed her PriTickets and PriPass (PriPara Phone). Throughout the day, she tries to keep her PriTicket hidden and stop Kuma from calling her back to PriPara. She decides to quit PriPara fearing punishment from Headmistress Gloria. However Kuma convinces her to re-join PriPara because of her promise with Mirei. After the two perform well again, they leave PriPara together and the episode ends with them revealing and seeing the other's true identity.

Episode 3

  • Laala and Mirei become closer friends and decide to aim for the rank of God Idol. Laala is shocked to learn that PriPara is actually not against the rules but is only enforced by Headmistress Gloria. Laala joins Mirei in training but fails. Then Laala is tasked with creating a Making Drama. She loses hope until she sees how much Mirei loves PriPara during a conversation with Gloria and then they happily perform on stage again.

Episode 4

  • Laala meets her very first fan Eiko. Eiko asks Laala to perform again so she can gain confidence to do well in her tennis match against a formidable foe . Laala tries very hard to get to Pripara but Headmistress Gloria's snooping causes her to be late, so she promises Eiko that she will perform tomorrow. Laala manages to make it to Pripara and performs, helping Eiko to gain the confidence she need to win her tennis match.

Episode 5

  • While Mirei introduces the 195 jump plan, they need a third member for a tournament in order to help the plan happen. Laala has big expectations, and decides she wants Sophie to be on their team. She tries super hard to even get near Sophie, but her fan club is stopping Laala. She tries again and again, but doesn't succeed. Laala goes to Sophie's apartment building hoping to find her, but ends up finding the pickled plum customer in the fish tank. She helps to get her out and to her apartment in the building. After a very long and confusing elevator ride, Laala bumps into Cosmo, who then picks up the pickled plum customer from her. Soon after, Laala performs with Mirei.

Episode 6

  • Laala and Mirei need to practice and think of a new "Making Drama" somewhere during the summer, but all the practice rooms are full. Laala's headmaster is a regular at her cafe, so that's not a choice either. The only place left is Mirei's. Laala thinks that Mirei's parents might be scary and very disciplined, but ironically, they are the complete opposite. They are a prosecutor and an attorney, and they are super nice! Except when they debate. Laala gets confused what to do when they debate, but Mirei acts as a judge and makes the decision. When Laala looks through Mirei's stuff, she finds a memory book of Mirei when she was younger. Mirei and Laala leave the room to find the parents debating again, but this time about what type of idol Mirei should be. Laala shows them the picture of Mirei in the memory book and they stop fighting for the time being. Since Laala made Mirei's parents happy, Mirei thinks of a new "Making Drama" to convey all the happiness occurring to the audience.

Episode 7

  • Laala wants to meet and perform with Sophie even more than before. However she struggles because of Sophie's Fan Club (The Royal guard) and Usagi, her snooty manager. After narrowly avoiding Gloria, Laala arrives late to Pripara and discovers the Picked Plum girl, whom she'd met before outside of pripara. Laala, still not knowing it's Sophie the Idol, tries to find her Pickled Plums. Laala eventually finds one in the bento box she received and delivers successfully. However Sophie's Fan Club, (The Royal Guard), in disguise, steps in the way before Laala discovers it's her. After Sophie, Mirei, and Laala perform the 3 meet in the girls dressing room. Sophie gives Laala her Friend Ticket and Laala is overwhelmed with happy emotions.

Episode 8

  • Laala thinks it's so hot, but then Nao visits to see if Laala can come to the pool with her, but her sister, Non reminds her that Laala also has to do a show that day. Laala decides to tell Nao that she is an idol at the pool, so they go together. At the pool they have a lot of fun together until, Mirei reminds Laala that they have to go to Pri Para. To try to soften the dramatic reveal that she is an idol, Laala buys a lot of food for Nao, resulting in her wasting all of her allowance for the month. Laala and Nao then talk about idols and how Nao admires Laala (the Pri Para one). Eventually she runs out of time and tells Nao that she is an idol. Nao is shocked and runs away from Laala for keeping secrets. Eventually after Mirei helps Laala realize that she can make Nao feel better with her singing, they rush to Pri Para. During Laala's performance, she says sorry to Nao. At the end of the episode Laala and Nao makeup and Laala gives her Friends Ticket to Nao.

Episode 9

  • In the beginning, Laala and Sophie teams up in an idol audition which allows them to compete against other idols to win a chance to perform. At first, Laala gets angry at Kuma because he signed them up for a shuffle idol team challenge, as Mirei wanted to be with Laala. Eventually Laala learns that Sophie's real identity is the pickled plum girl. In the end, Laala and Sophie win and get to perform together and Sophie gives her Friends Ticket to Laala. Sophie considers being in an idol unit with Laala and Mirei.

Episode 10

  • Laala tells Kuma and Mirei Sophie's secret, but they still look at her as a big idol either way. Kuma says that in order to get permission from him to perform with Sophie, Laala and Mirei have to win their next live. In order to pick their outfits Laala and Mirei go do Autumn related things (since the live is Autumn themed). One of those things is tennis, where they come across Eiko and Love Tochiotome, Eiko's previously seen opponent. Eiko explains they became friends, and that Love is actually quite nice and sweet. Upon praise, Love breaks out into swings. She also mentions Love has gotten her PriTicket, but never has gone to PriPara. Laala takes Love and everyone there. Love looks slightly different, but sees someone of her height and size can still look beautiful. Everyone at PriPara thinks she looks cool, so she renames her idol self as "Cool Lovely". Kuma sees her and starts praising Love. Love breaks out into invisible racket swings, hitting Kuma in the face. Laala and Mirei think the hit mark looks like a maple leaf, thus choosing a maple leaf coord. They perform and win, when unfortunately afterwards Sophie gives back Laala's Friends Ticket.

Episode 11

  • In hopes of getting Sophie to recognize their unit as worthy to her, Laala sets out to get as much practice and experience as she can in order to rank up. 

Episode 12

  • Laala remains persistent in trying to get Sophie to join her unit with Mirei and she refuses to listen to what everyone else is trying to tell her to do. Eventually Laala sneaks into the huge event being held to celebrate Sophie's new unit with New and Mew with the help of Chanko. Just before the friends ticket exchange is finished she bursts up onto the top of the stage and while being yanked out of the room, she tells Sophie that she has her own feelings and opinions and should be the one to decide, then she tells Sophie where she can reach them if she decides to do what is best. Afterwards she sends a message to Mirei and Kuma and tells them to meet her in the same room, then runs up to wait. Once Sophie arrives, the trio then exchange their Friend Tickets to form their new unit, 'SoLaMi♡Smile', (Unit name is first introduced in episode 13)

Episode 13

  • Laala deals with trying to think of a unit name and make herself an autograph, which is made easier with the help of Sophie. Who she keeps agreeing with and complementing. But she remains unaware of how frustrated Mirei grows throughout the episode until she eventually begins to talk about it. After Kuma happens to run into a girl, Laala offers to exchange a friend ticket with her but the girl refuses at first, due to how new she is. After she brings up how important each one of them is to the unit though, the girl slowly eases into the idea and agrees. 

Episode 14

  • Kuma entertains the idea of the Paradise Coord to the girls, and suggests they strive for it as their new goal. Laala, along with Mirei and Sophie, voice their excitement for it; whilst Kuma claims nothing will stop them from reaching the top. After running into them in the dressing room and watching their performance, Laala becomes in awe of the new unit Dressing Pafé - whom present themselves as SoLaMi♡SMILE's new rivals.

Episode 15

  • Laala watches as Mirei deals with Shion in the halls, then later in the day heads to the library to pick up some books. After school they head to PriPara and with Sophie and Mirei, perform together as SoLaMi Smile, after Dressing Pafe go first. The battle against the units ends in a tie, so the girls exchange their friend tickets within the unit. 

Episode 16

  • Nene Tokuda comes up to Laala to confirm if she is or is not going to PriPara. The girls are surprised that Nene may know Lala's secret, so Mirei grabs Laala and Sophie and she runs off. Mirei explains to Laala that Nene may be working for Gloria (which is confirmed when Nene goes into Gloria's office to explain she doesn't have any evidence). While going to PriPara, she realizes she is being stalked by Nene. She thankfully, loses her, and goes to Prism Stone, where Mirei tells her to be careful. Later in PriPara, Laala is being interviewed about what PriPara is to her. She almost does her catchphrase instead of Nene. Back in the dressing room, they explain the situation to Kuma, and he decides to help keep Nene away from Laala. Later, she watches the SoLaMi SMILE practice. She asks Shion is Laala is an elementary student, but Shion says she will not tell. Nene gets her proof, when Laala begs her not to tell. Mirei steals her camera, and sees a boy. Nene explains that she used like the boy, till he got obsessed with PriPara. Laala explains how much PriPara means to her, and not to tattle on her. She watches SoLaMi♡SMILE's performance and realizes the fun she has had at PriPara and that it isn't all that bad. (Afterwards, Nene goes to Gloria and explains that PriPara isn't all that bad, and thus Laala is safe for the time-being.)

Episode 17

  • In the Halloween special Laala is assigned to scare people in the Haunted House as a ghost. As the scaredy-cat she is Non teaches her how to be scary, but Laala isn't any scarier. Before her job in the Haunted House SoLaMi♡SMILE tries pumpkin-based food and enjoys the decorations. When she goes to take a picture to show to Non and Nao Laala meets Faruru becomes aware of the concept "Prism Voice". In the Haunted House Laala meets a cute girl named Ran-tan whom isn't very scary, but they cooperate to scare others. The first ones to encounter them is Dressing Pafé. Laala and Ran-tan successfully scares Dorothy and Usagi, but Shion kept her cool while Leona just did the same as Dorothy. When SoLaMi♡SMILE were to perform Ran-tan gave them her sketches and so they wore them during their Halloween-live. After the performance Ran-tan and Laala exchanges Friends Tickets and said goodbye. The last Laala sees of her is when Ran-tan tripped and Laala believes she a ghost after all. In the evening Laala shares bed with Non, and Non scares her.

Episode 18

  • While arriving at school, Mirei, Laala, Shion, and Sophie run into each other and greet each other. Suddenly, Leona and Dorothy come along (saying that they transferred), and everyone is shocked to see Leona in a male uniform. Dorothy informs them that Leona is actually a boy. A little later, Laala sneezes very loudly (and doesn't cover her nose), and gets a ticket. She has to walk the kindergarteners as punishment and while doing so, happens to run into Dressing Pafé. Shion bumps into an unaware kindergartener, and he starts to cry. Shion scolds the child, which doesn't help, and Dorothy flashes her charm, which makes him cry even more. Frustrated, Dorothy flashes her charm at all the kids, making them all cry. Another kid gets their balloon stuck in a tree, which Laala attempts to get, but falls due to being too short. Leona, being tall enough, gets it for the kid. Leona thinks of a new "Making Drama", and Dressing Pafe and SoLaMi♡SMILE battle.

Episode 19

  • Laala is greeted by Sophie and Mirei and happens to find Kuma missing. She congratulates Mirei on being in PriPara for one year, but suddenly realizes that Mirei started back in Elementary School and is shocked to find out that Mirei kept this secret from her. She then asks to be told of when Mirei became an idol, but they do not get very far as Kuma interrupts and a panicking Mirei insults him, causing him to run away. Laala goes out to find him and spots him by the Fountain and jumps to save him, thinking he was going to fall in. Kuma tells Laala more of the story and soon they are found by Sophie and Mirei. They worry over their performance approaching and Laala spots a card inside of the basket full of flowers delivered by Akai, along with Mirei's PriPass. She points out that if Mirei had not become an idol then they wouldn't have ever become SoLaMi Smile and they share a toast, expressing hope that they will win the Sparkling Grand Prix. 

Episode 20

  • Laala goes shopping after school to find a sign advertising a brand new eatery. She sees two women walk by discussing it and runs off to see what this place is about, and happens to find Dorothy and Leona. They announce their plans of beginning a war of restaurant against Papa's Pasta, so Laala takes the flyer back home to show her family. Laala and Non advertise their family restaurant but they are unable to keep up with Shion's speed and ability to keep them busy, along with the Twins cute appealing behavior. The sisters are joined by Sophie and Mirei to help promote the shop and after they manage to bring many people, they go to visit the new place to find it covered with Ninja decor. They are seated and try something from the menu, but take off once Dorothy reveals that they happen to be food rivals to her parents. Eventually the two restaurants decide to use the clueless Gloria to settle the rivalry and prepare food. However, it ends in a Truce after realizing that both of the restaurants serve really good food. They resume doing some promotion and work until they realize the time saying that they have to leave. As Laala tells her mother that she can't stay any longer, she is surprised to find out that she actually knows she has been going to PriPara. However, with her mother's support she happily takes off and goes off to perform. SoLaMi Smile wins the round and she offers to trade Friend Tickets with the twins, though only Leona accepts the offer as Dorothy storms off. 

Episode 21

  • Laala walks with Sophie and they go to PriPara, where they win the round against Dressing Pafe. They discuss how Sophie's fans have been going lately and compliment her, but notice that her fan club is acting strange. Later on, they discuss their troubled behavior before they happen to come across the Fan club awaiting them in a room on School Grounds. After they take off, the girls head back to PriPara, where they find Sophie using a Crayfish to brush her hair. After Laala notices her strange behavior during training she starts to worry over her before expressing displeasure as Dorothy begins to complain over the trouble Sophie's Fanclub has been causing. She leaves with Mirei to meet with Sadako and the rest of the Fan Club outside of PriPara and reveal that Sophie has gone missing. They have checked everywhere and eventually manage to find that she has gone to a nearby city by train and is fishing on one of the boats. Sophie explains why she was there, and as Sophie and the Fan Club try to split paths again, Laala is in disbelief until Mirei is able to explain that they really do not have to part ways like they think and together, everyone happily returns to PriPara to put on a performance. While leaving the performance Hall, Laala runs up ahead to speak to Faruru and approaches her to make conversation until she is quickly yanked away by Unicorn, who claims Faruru shouldn't bother speaking to Garbage, as in Laala. This leaves Laala to call Faruru strange after she leaves, addressing her the same way. 

Episode 22

  • Laala discusses Mirei's idea with her and Sophie when Meganii comes by to bring a new song to the girls. The next day Laala and the others went to try on new outfits that Meganee put together for them, with Laala shown trying on the Jungle outfit, a penguin outfit, and finally an airplane themed outfit. After she finishes and heads back to her house, she discusses the Special Live with Non, who wishes her luck. But after the plans are canceled by Headmistress Gloria, Laala gets a call from Mirei when she gets home to inform her that she has a plan on how to fix everything, so Laala heads to Prism Stone, where the others are waiting and they go over their plans. They get the needed permits and papers and with the help of Sophie's fanclub they are able to get all of the students off of the school ground and outside of the boundaries where the school rules are not in effect. with Sophie and Mirei, Laala performs as SoLaMi SMile using a special Trailer and screen to show the performance from PriPara. 

Episode 23-24

  • While walking to school, Laala and Nao are walking to school wishing they were in Middle School, so they could be permitted to go to PriPara. Later that day, Laala looks out the window to see all of the Middle Schoolers called for a meeting. Their headmaster of the Middle announces his retirement, and that Gloria is replacing him. Gloria confiscates Dressing Pafe and Sophie's tickets. SoLaMi SMILE meet up as they tell Kuma of what has happened. Mirei and Laala are the only ones with their tickets, so their special live had to wait. SoLaMi Dressing go into Gloria's office in attempts to get back their tickets, but they are unsuccessful. Laala wants to help, but Mirei prevents her since she might also get her ticket taken away. Gloria later looks at her collected tickets, hoping to find proof that Laala is an idol, but fails to do so. (After Leona and Dorothy sneak back Dressing Pafe and Sophie's tickets) Laala looks out a window wondering what PriPara will be like in the future. Laala and Non are watching TV, when they see Dressing Pafe perform, and tell their fans what is going on! Gloria has Mirei give them a warning, and she has Dorothy clean the weeds in the grass. Lala and Mirei join her to help. Later that afternoon, Laala goes to Gloria's to deliver a pizza, and comes across a PriTicket on a sword. After Laala retrieves the ticket, Gloria walks in to see Laala holding it.
  • (Episode 24 starts here) Gloria catches Laala in her office, and Laala falls from her chair into Gloria. Gloria get suspicious, and Laala tries to run away from any questions. Gloria just ends up kicking her out. The girls meet later, to have Mirei conclude that Gloria used to be an idol. In the meantime, Gloria finally finds out Mirei and Laala are idols, and finds a way to expose them. As the Laala and the rest of the girls look at Mirei's calculations, Gloria comes forth and questions both Laala and Mirei, as Dorothy continues to rid the garden of weeds. Laala apologizes while Mirei questions Gloria on why she has been taking the students' PriTickets if she was an idol, herself. Gloria is about to take both PriTickets when a " very fancy mode" Sophie arrives on the back of a goat. Gloria asks why Sophie looks so fatigued, Laala explains to Gloria that PriPara is important to Sophie, without it, she'll always be in that physical state. This leads Gloria to tell Laala and the rest of SoLaMi Dressing the full story of why she hates PriPara. It was several years ago. (Gloria was just about 10 years old when she first came to PriPara, Prism Stone was very popular at that time, so many girls were entering PriPara. During her time of entering PriPara, young Gloria loved every minute of it. However, she couldn't beat this one claw game, where she could win various pieces of candy, when suddenly girl with long purple hair shares her candy with the young Gloria and reveals herself to be Himeka. The two girls become immensely great friends with each other, even as they share Friends Tickets with one another. Then, one day, they promised to meet outside the PriPara and in the real world, however, Gloria waits and waits for her, but she never shows up. Gloria becomes extremely offended. Meanwhile, Himeka searches for Gloria, but she is nowhere to be found.) Back in the present day, Gloria finishes off her story of why she hates PriPara and then she then gets ready to take Laala's and Mirei's PriTickets, but Laala convinces her not to, telling her how much she loves PriPara and that Himeka might have not of broken her promise after all... At first, Gloria isn't convinced one bit, then, Leona returns Sophie's PriTicket to her and Gloria asks where she is going, Sophie replies that she is going to PriPara (which she does). Laala, Mirei and Sophie go to PriPara and Kuma tells them to hurry up and get to the stage. Back at Paprika Private, Shion, Dorothy and Leona have a TV set up for Gloria to see SoLaMi Smile perform live and to change Gloria's mind. Laala, Mirei and Sophie change into their respective coords and sing and dance to "Happy-pa-Lucky!". During the performance, Gloria gets up and goes to Prism Stone, at first, she's blocked by the "force-field", but, then she manages to enter. Standing outside is Laala's mother, who recognizes Gloria from her PriTicket from a long time ago. Everyone is in shock, including Laala, who realizes that Himeka is none other than her mother.

Episode 25

  • At last, Himeka and Gloria have been united. Laala and the girls are extremely shocked, and confused. Laala's mom explains that she was looking for Gloria the day they promised to meet but gave up since she was nowhere to be found. After being united, they hug and are so happy, making the other girls cry a bit. The very next day, Gloria announces an assembly for all of the school, she explains that she has a change of heart, and announces that PriPara will no longer be banned to Paprika Private Academy! She returns the junior high student and elementary school student's PriTickets and Friends Tickets. Nao can now go to PriPara with Laala! The same day, Laala and her school friends go to Prism Stone to register their tickets. When they all see each other's appearances, they are quite surprised that Laala is none other than the famous Laala of SoLaMi SMILE. Laala realizes that it was time to practice for the Christmas Grand Prix. Kuma wants SoLaMi Smile to win. The six girls decide to create a truce and form the temporary unit, SoLaMi Dressing. Later, at the Christmas Idol Grand Prix, the girls change into their Christmas coords and appear on stage together as SoLaMi Dressing, and they sing a new song and performing a new Making Drama. The results come in and the unit formed between SoLaMi Smile and Dressing Pafe win! The Paradise Boots are given to the girls and they are one step closer to the Paradise Coord.

Episode 26

  • After their splendid win at the Christmas Grand Prix, Laala is asked to pick a number out of the lucky lotto box. Laala picks out the numbers 12 and 31, which aren't very lucky numbers. Akai illustrates that the next item on the road to becoming God-Rank Idols is to win the Paradise Tiara (and then the Paradise Dress). Concurrently, Laala and Nao spend some quality time with each other at a cafe, leading to some fans talking to Laala and Headmistress Gloria hunting Nao and Laala around. The two quickly make it on a gondola, where Rina is close to submerging. Meganii comes to rescue Rina, leaving Gloria with a sigh to behold of the handsome man, however he is occupied with Rina. Laala and Nao then trade Friends Tickets. Soon after Nao goes home for the night, Laala runs into Faruru, who starts talking to Laala. Aka hen delivers a message to go to a fortune telling tent. Faruru and Laala go inside the tent where they are greeted by a fortune-telling cat, till Unicorn comes and takes Faruru off. Afterwards, the girls then go sing "Realize!". Suddenly, Megan announces a new arrival of an idol, Faruru! Faruru introduces herself and sings "0-Week Old", in which she performs a new Making Drama along with it. The audience is left in awe by her performance, even Kuma and Usagi! Unicorn is revealed to be her manager, and shows off a bit, too. The winner of the Paradise Tiara is then announced to be Faruru. The girls leave PriPara, Faruru fresh in their mind. The bell rings, and it's a New Year!

Episode 27

  • Laala and the rest of SoLaMi SMILE are ready to win the next special event! But Laala turns out to be sick. Lala turns out to have a fever, and stays home. Her mother analyses her, then leaves the room, with Non coming in to aid her. While asleep, Laala dreams of performing with Sophie and Mirei, with all her fans in the audience, repeating her catchphrase. The following day, Sophie and Mirei come to check in with her, and discover that Gloria is now a worker at Papa's Pasta! Gloria explains the girls that since she and Himeka have just been reunited, she wants to be together as much as possible. Non leads them into Laala's bedroom, just as she tries to make her way out. Mirei, like the good disciplinarian she is, gives Laala her winter break homework. Lala confesses she hasn't finished it, and Mirei then gives Laala her 207th warning ticket, but has a change of heart and decides to lay off. Sophie brings candy for Laala, but falls asleep on her bed. Shion, Dorothy and Leona arrive with a game of go and gifts. But her guest list doesn't stop there. Nao joins them, too, and Non puts Laala to sleep and dismisses all her friends. The next day Laala is relieved of her fever, but her sister has caught it. When Laala learns that Non is a big Faruru fan, she decides to get an autograph for her. When she, Mirei and Sophie go into PriPara World, they bump into Faruru and her Unicorn. Laala, who is curious, asks about the Prism Voice. Kuma tries to explain it, but ends up saying that only idols like Faruru have it. (To Mirei and Sophie, he told them Laala has it.) After leaving PriPara, Non is super happy to have gotten Faruru's signature, but really wants to see Laala live in PriPara Then, Laala, Sophie and Mirei return to PriPara world to sing and dance to "Happy-pa-Lucky" and Laala wishes for Non to watch her perform. Non watches her performance from their tablet, super elated from the atmosphere and successful performance. Laala is very thankful to have a sister to cheer her on. Laala, Sophie and Mirei then wish the viewing audience a Happy New Year, as Laala smiles.

Episode 28

  • Shion's rival is in town, telling her she has gone soft. Shion proves her wrong, and gets new Cyalume Coords for Dressing Pafe. (Laala is not featured much in this episode).

Episode 29

  • With only a week until the Paradise Prize competition, Laala, Sophie and Mirei are faced with a lack of training. That is until Gloria and Love put them into shape at a training camp! The girls go through immense challenges to find how "out of shape" they are. They end up improving their skills, and improving their bond while doing so. They think of a new Making Drama as a result of the progression of their somersaults.

Episode 30

  • The last piece of the Paradise Coord is up for grabs, and everyone has their game face on as the tension rises. They perform, while Faruru does every single making drama done by SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafe, leaving both teams struck as they lose against her, and even from their own Making Drama's! With Faruru having won the whole Paradise Coord set, the girls are down.

Episode 31

  • Laala and the rest of SoLaMi Dressing feel defeated after losing to Faruru. With much lost hope, their friends and family attempt to cheer them up, while Faruru attempts to Cyalume Change with the Paradise Coord but fails. Cosmo ends up performing (with a new song) and cheers up SoLaMi Dressing.

Episode 32

  • Mirei plans to tell everyone she is SoLaMi♡SMILE's Mirei, but Amamiya spoils it for her. She starts feeling like she can't win as Mirei, and she discards the character. Laala and everyone feel worried about this, since it is a vital part of Mirei. However, Amamiya makes her change her mind, and they perform their Valentine Live, and reach the last level of Debut Class.

Episode 33

  • With a second chance at obtaining the Paradise Coord only weeks away, everyone is training hard. Laala leaves training early and is asked to sign autographs by her fans. She also witnesses Faruru doing the same and is astonished at how fast she does them. Meanwhile Unicorn prevents Faruru trading friends tickets saying that all her fans need to do is support her to the fullest limit, however Faruru witnesses Laala trading with her fans. Faruru begins to wonder more about Laala and asks her all about her idol story up until now. Laala explains her idol history.

Episode 34

  • SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafe both think of ideas to stand out and get back up on the horse, when they think of writing their own song. Both teams can't think straight about what lyrics/ ideas to put in. Meanwhile, Laala is showing Faruru the outside world, including Non. Faruru creates her own "Non" from a robot (which resembles Faruru, much like how Non resembles Laala). SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe both come to visit Faruru, and find out that they both had the same idea of thinking of lyrics. They help Faruru fix her robot after it breaks, and think of lyrics. They give their ideas for lyrics to Meganii, in which he makes a song for them. Faruru also makes a new Making Drama (which can be inferred to be inspired by her robot). SoLaMi Dressing reforms (for the time being).

Episode 35

  • Laala and Faruru both want to tell each other something (which is to trade Friends Ticket with each other), so they say that they will tell each other they will tell them the secret after their battle. SoLaMi Dressing gets their new song and reforms, to perform once again against Faruru. SoLaMi Dressing wins, and win back the Paradise Coord. Farer comes up to them, causing a silence. She says how she has never lost, but now she has… but doesn't feel sad. In fact, she is happy. She and Laala trade Friends Tickets, while Unicorn tries to prevent them. Faruru collapses because of a malfunction due to the fact she is a Vocal Doll.

Episode 36

  • With Faruru suddenly collapsed, Laala desperately wants to save her, while Unicorn is blaming it on Laala. Laala performs (still sad about Faruru, and in attempts to help her) and has a weak Aura, till she does her own Making Drama while performing Love Friend Style solo. She performs a Making Drama dedicated to Faruru.

Episode 37

  • Time is running out for Laala and the others, and in one last attempt to help Faruru they perform Make It! but fail to wake her up. However, the audience starts singing, empowering the Prism Voice. Laala and the others have another shot at waking her up, and with their willpower, they do so. The Paradise coord is worn by the PriPara audience and the nation in a new Making Drama, while afterwards the Paradise Coord is given to everyone in the audience. Faruru "evolves" into a new form.

Episode 38

  • While it's Faruru's birthday, the girls have a surprise party for her, while Unicorn feels sad. Faruru ends up leaving (with Unicorn, who turns into a pegasus). As a goodbye, the six girls perform Love Friend Style, as Faruru leaves off in a carriage (pulled by Unicorn) into the sky of PriPara.

Season 2

Episode 39 (Season 2 Episode 1)

  • It's an average day at Papa's Pasta, and Laala is busy waiting tables. Realizing she has to go to PriPara, she takes off her shift, leaving Non in charge. In Prism Stone, Laala is greeted by Akai Meganee, and soon after, her fellow team mates. As they change into their Idol Forms, they get new additions to their Cyalume Coords. As soon as they enter PriPara, they are mobbed by fans, and Kuma comes to pick them up from the crowd. The three girls come across Dorothy, Shion, and Leona. All six of them are quite upset due to the fact that Akai broke their units up. With everyone sad and angry, Meganii suddenly appears for a tour. Although the girls and Leona know PriPara well, there seems to be a new addition, so they come along. While on the tour, Meganii introduces them to the new "Dream Theater", where the Idol Dream Grand Prix will take place. The participants will form a five person team, and the winner receives a legendary item, "The Dream Bell". This item lets the person make any wish come true. Meganii chooses someone to perform, and participate in the competition, as well. It turns out to be Laala! She receives a Cyalume Charm, and performs to the new song "Dream Parade", as well as performing the Making Drama "Dance, Runway, and Song". Holograms form behind her (as a simulation to the five person team), which happens to be silhouettes of Prizmmy. She ranks up, and her charm turn a shade of pink. As Meganii compliments her, he continues to explain the Grand Prix. Laala encourages her friends to join, which they do, along with some other girls. The participants are given Cyalume Charms, and they all leave for the new group to go on the tour. While exiting the bus, two interesting girls are beheld before them. A girl who is angel-like, Mikan, and a girl who is devil-like, Aroma. Aroma shoots a devilish glance to Laala, scaring her quite so. The six are intrigued!

Episode 40 (Season 2 Episode 2)

  • Aroma is reading from a book with symbols on it, planning on a way to break the bond of Laala, Mirei, and Sophie. Meanwhile, in Paprika Private, Gloria holds an assembly to start off the new school year. In the classroom, Laala and Nao are ecstatic to be in the same class, and happen to be interested in their teacher. Back at PriPara, Kuma and Usage are arguing in a boat, and are lured in by a cat Mascot named Neko. After school, Laala, Mirei, and Sophie go into PriPara to perform the ceremony in which they form their unit, Dressing Pafe does the same, but can't reform. It appears that there is a rule that a mascot needs to witness the ceremony for it to be valid. The six go to Kuma and Usagi, but Neko (Aroma and Mikan's manager) have filled their minds with false fortunes, telling them not to reform any units, or they will go to the Mascot Graveyard. All is going to Aroma's plan to destroy the friendship of the six. Kuma and Usagi request for the girls to form units, but they refuse, and attempt to reform their three-person units before the eyes of their managers. They run off, thus starting a chase for their mascots. While attempting to find them, Laala runs into the mysterious Aroma and sweet Mikan. Aroma and Mikan later perform, and reach debut class, leaving Laala surprised.

Episode 41 (Season 2 Episode 3)

  • Laala is amazed by Mikan and Aroma's show, and as a sign of friendship, Aroma gives Laala an apple, but Mirei stops her at the last minute. Later in PriPara, Laala, Mirei, and Sophie exchange gifts. Laala asks Meganee if she can make customized ribbons for Mirei and Sophie. Mirei gets a blue custom made ribbon from Laala, and while practicing she goes to check on it, but a smoke bomb goes off. Aroma switches the present, and the "fake" present starts moving around. A day later, Mirei is in her dressing room, very worried about losing her present, and thinking she won't do well in her concert. Laala and Sophie come to wish her luck, but she quickly hurries off. Mirei goes onstage, but soon tells her fans that she has to go do something. Dressing Pafe then goes onstage to entertain the audience in the meantime. Mirei runs off and sees the box almost being run over by a construction vehicle. Laala goes to look for Mirei, and sees her trying to save the box. Laala explains she forgot to put the present in the box in the first place (and the box that Aroma used as a fake earlier on, there was a frog in it!). Mirei performs, and ranks up.

Episode 42 (Season 2 Episode 4)

  • Laala and her friends are eating lunch together, when suddenly a mysterious man comes out of nowhere. Sophie reveals it to be… her father! She explains how her father is a traveler, and was in South America. Sophie's dad wants her to come with her, to look for the plum that cures her condition. Sophie wants to go, but she also wants to stay with Laala and the others in Japan. Later, in PriPara, Aroma fills her thoughts with the idea that going with her dad is good. She chats with Laala and Mirei later, telling them what Aroma has told her. Mirei and Laala explain that they will be friends no matter what. Sophie tells her dad she wants to go with him, and says she will do one last show. However, Mr. Hojo soon changes his mind and wants Sophie to stay because of the beautiful blossoms. Then, Sophie performs "Solar Flare Sherbet" . At the airport, Mr. Hojo tells Laala and Mirei to keep on looking out for Sophie, and sees them off.

Episode 43 (Season 2 Episode 5)

  • Laala, Sophy and Mirei participated in a race in order to win and be the first to perform in the Dream Theater. Many trials came on their way to victory but in the end they were able to win and reform their unit, SoLaMi♡SMILE.

Episode 44 (Season 2 Episode 6)

  • Usagi asks SoLaMi=Smile to help Dorothy and Sion make up, but it was actually harder than they thought it would be. SoLaMi=Smile heard each girl had a reason and tries to get the two along but doesn't work. Meanwhile, Laala saw Reona practicing hard and sprained his ankle. Laala helped him get up on his feet but Reona insisted to do it on his own as he is going to perform a solo for the sake of Dorothy and Sion. Laala told both girls Reona's plans which made them feel a little upset and dashes off to find Reona. After Sion and Dorothy made up, Dressing Pafé performs a live while SoLaMi=Smile is watching. Aftermath, as SoLaMi=Smile leaves PriPara, they've encountered Mikan and Aroma and revealed to be attend the same school and are at the same grade as Laala.

Episode 45 (Season 2 Episode 7)

  • Laala is heading off to school and was surprised to see Mikan and Aroma waiting for her outside. The three decided to walk together and the trio had a little talk, which makes Laala to get to know the two better. Meanwhile, because of the absence of the teacher of Aromageddon's class, the said class and Laala's class decides to merge for just a day. Laala gets to spend more time with Aromageddon and is amazed that they coincidentally broke the rule numbers fitting their character. Laala and her friends watched their live and is also surprised when Aroma asked Dressing Pafé to form a Dream Team with them.

Episode 46 (Season 2 Episode 8)

  • Like in the previous episode, Laala, Mikan and Aroma walks to school together while encountering two preschool girls named Anko and Miruku. Both lost a dog named Kero so the trio decides to help them find the dog. By doing so, they split up with Mikuru being with Mikan and Laala and Anko with Aroma. While searching for the dog, Mikan tells Laala how she met Aroma and how they become close, which helps Laala get to know them even more.

Episode 47 (Season 2 Episode 9)

  • Sophy and Laala wants to form a Dream Team with Aromageddon but their other teammate, Mirei, disagrees. So Sophy and Laala decides to ask Mikan but they helped her make a cake for Aroma instead. Aroma saw her best friend Mikan, making a cake with SoLaMi=Smile, she felt abandoned, thus she disbanded Aromageddon.

Episode 48 (Season 2 Episode 10)

  • SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé helped Mikan reform Aromageddon by searching for the picture Aroma draw when she and Mikan were still preschool. It was a lot harder than they thought, but it all pays off when Mikan finally blows a birthday party for Aroma, reforming Aromageddon. Not only that, SoLaMi=Smile and Aromageddon's Cyalume Charms glowed, signaling their Dream Team formation and performed in the Dream Theater.

Episode 49 (Season 2 Episode 11)

  • SoLaMi♡SMILE, Dressing Pafé and Aromageddon were eating in the PriCafe and saw a cute bunny mascot named Usacha, Usagi's little sister. The eight idols are drawn from her cuteness thus making Kuma very jealous of Usagi even more. When Usacha had a tantrum with her brother, Laala talks to her about how amazing she has an older brother like Usagi. SoLaMi♡SMILE watches a Dressing Pafé show with Usacha and tells her the fruit of her older brother's hard work is now shown, thus making Usacha get along with Usagi again.

Episode 50 (Season 2 Episode 12)

  • Laala was humming while walking to school, when she saw a group of students looking up telling someone to get down. Laala saw that the commotion was about a blonde haired girl sitting on a tree, and Laala herself also tells the girl to go down. The girl smiled and invited Laala to sit with her on the tree but she didn't hesitate so she did. The girl told Laala that the view up is pretty and talks about her homeland, the Palps. Meanwhile, Laala saw the girl again at school along with Mirei and Gloria. She introduced herself as Fuwari Midorikaze and breaks two rules before making an exit with her pet goat. Laala sees her again, and leads her to PriPara. Fuwari tells her that she got her PriTicket from someone, but when she tried to enter in, the system made an error, assuming none of the brands fit her. So she went inside wearing the training uniform instead and is surprised to see Laala looking differently than she was. At the end of the episode, Laala trades Friends Tickets with Fuwari whom uses a sponge instead.

Episode 51 (Season 2 Episode 13)

  • When Fuwari attempts to bury her PriTicket because of how upset she was ignored by Hibiki, SoLaMi♡SMILE stopped her. Fuwari tells the three girls how she got the Ticket.

Episode 52 (Season 2 Episode 14)

  • Laala gets caught wearing the wrong shoes at school, she is forced to take lessons with Fuwari. Later on, she watches Fuwari's first live performance.

Episode 53 (Season 2 Episode 15)

  • Laala had a nightmare about PriPara closing, which coincidentally happened to be true, according to Non who told her that it's not a dream at all. Worried, she rushes to PriPara to see what is going on and along the way, bumps into Dorothy who happens to be going to PriPara to look for Reona. The two saw Gloria Ookanda with her vacuum, Rina, confiscating PriTickets again, which surprised the two girls and got Laala even more confused. Not only they saw Gloria confiscating PriTickets again but also a group of "former" idols in black hoods who are trying to catch the two girls, but thanks to Dororthy, they were able to escape and enter find Prism Stone. They saw it isolated but the gate to PriPara still works, so they scanned their PriTickets and find PriPara to be rather empty and dark. The girls became worried until they are frightened by the mascots, in ghost costumes. Once they recognized the ones behind the costumes, a shower of confetti appeared which made the two girls even more confused until Meganee congratulated Laala for her anniversary debut. Now, feeling a little relieved, Laala and her friends celebrated her anniversary with a blast.

Episode 54 (Season 2 Episode 15)

  • SoLaMi♡SMILE came to ask Fuwari to form a Dream Team with them but Aromageddon had something on mind. Laala and the others were invited to the PriPara Museum, which their mascots warn them is a very dangerous place, which the idols ignored the fact. Laala and Fuwari were separated from the other girls and decided to look for them but a tarantula used her silk to capture them, making them stuck but, Laala and the others were freed from the silk after Fuwari taught the tarantula a lesson.

Episode 55 (Season 2 Episode 16)

  • Laala, in behalf of the other members of SoLaMi♡SMILE asked Fuwari if she can join her Dream Team, along with Dressing Pafe. However, instead of answering, Fuwari played with them instead.

Episode 56 (Season 2 Episode 17)

  • Laala was with her friends when Fuwari asked her and Dressing Pafe to form a Dream Team with her but Mirei hesitates at first. After she got injured, she agreed and Laala went with Fuwari and Dressing Pafe to plan for their Dream Team but as they make their way for the Dream Theater, but when Celebrity 4 were swept away by a waterfall, the girls decided to save them but got swept away as well. This caused their Cyalume Charms to react and allows them to form their Dream Team. However, they ended up in the fountain in the main square and rushed to the Dream Theater. They were able to perform and win the Grand Prix.

Episode 57 (Season 2 Episode 18)

  • Laala and the others were sad that Fuwari will be going back to her hometown but were able to think of a plan to let her stay in Parajuku. So they persuade Hibiki on letting Fuwari stay and finally, Hibiki allowed her to continue being a student at Paprika Private Academy but must move to a new dorm. Laala and the girls helped her settled in and then went to Prism Stone to watch Dressing Flower's encore live. After their encore, a mysterious man behind the mask stole the Summer Dream Parade Coord, and left.

Episode 58 (Season 2 Episode 19)

  • Laala and the other members of SoLaMi=Dressing went to welcome Falulu as she stays in PriPara during the summer. They were surprised that Falulu brought, not just one or two but a cluster of mini-Falulus. The idols went to Falulu's room and Falulu each gives them a present while talking about her time in PriPari. As she makes way to her meet and greet event, the girls were assigned to take good care of the mini-Falulus. They each did their best but the mini-Falulus caused some trouble that the girls cannot handle. Laala suggests a live to keep the mini-Falulus entertained and watches it with them. Afterwards, the girls gathered near the fountain in the main square when Laala notices a black haired mini-Falulu with sharp eyes. Unicorn introduced her, Gaaruru, to them and that she is created by the negative feelings of girls who struggled to be idols.

Episode 59 (Season 2 Episode 20)

  • Falulu noticed that Gaaruru was lost so the idols went to search for her. When they did, they tried to catch her but their attempts fail and Gaaruru caused some disturbance in the PriPara system. Laala was with the other idols in the plane and asked if Gaaruru is fine after eating the pickled plum that was intended for Sophy. SoLaMi=Smile performs for Gaaruru, which made her smile, much to Falulu's surprise. The girls had a little talk with each other before Falulu and Gaaruru returns to PriPari.

Episode 60 (Season 2 Episode 21)

  • Laala and the girls were a little upset about what happened in the Summer Dream Grand Prix but Laala breaks the sadness as she jumps in the pool, while the others following her. Laala was one of those who watched Love's confession of love.

Episode 61 (Season 2 Episode 22)

  • Laala said good morning to Sophy and notices her friends are a little suspicious about her. She thought that the reason is that her cowlick went missing, which turns out to be not it. Nene told the girls about her findings and concluded that Sophy has a relationship with Hibiki, surprising the girls. Meanwhile, Sophy enters SoLaMi♡SMILE to a performance marathon to boost their idol rank but Laala and Mirei got tired performance after performance. Sophy gave the a kiss to power them up but ended up being tired after that particular performance. After Sophy woke up from her "cool self" and apologized, the girls performed their last live for the day.

Episode 62 (Season 2 Episode 23)

  • Laala and the other girls saw Hibiki's butler giving a letter to Sion and thought of it as a love letter. As Sion makes her way to meet up with Hibiki, Laala and the girls followed her but as they arrived at her house, they were stopped by Hibiki's butler, Andou, and were forced to play soccer to keep them busy.

Episode 63 (Season 2 Episode 24)

  • Laala holds an event to boost everyone's spirits after the Thieving Genius incident. She, along with the other members of SoLaMi=Dressing, hosted it and the main goal is to get enough tickets that can cover the PriPara Hills building within 24.5 hours while getting a 100% view rate. She and other idols hold on various performances but Hibiki, increasingly annoyed, tried to sabotage the event. As the ratings went down because of Hibiki's sent complaints, Laala's friends lost hope, but she didn't saying that it's fun to be with them in PriPara, keeping her friends' spirits up. The event was successful in the end.

Episode 64 (Season 2 Episode 25)

  • Laala and her friends met Kiki Ajimi, a new idol in PriPara. The girls wanted to befriend her by showing her around but were annoyed instead by her hyper and enthusiastic behavior. She and the girls helped her solve the sunflower seed case allowing Ajimi to become part of the PriPara Police to capture Thieving Genius.

Episode 65 (Season 2 Episode 26)

  • Laala and the other girls were surprised that Ajimi is their new art teacher. She also hosted the designing face off between Cosmo and Ajimi, however, when the two girls lost their inspiration, she, Mikan and Dorothy decided to cook omelette rice for them. Because of this, the five girls' Cyalume Charms react allowing them to form a Dream Team.

Episode 66 (Season 2 Episode 27)

  • The group consisting of Cosmo, Ajimi, Laala, Mikan and Dorothy, forming, Cosmic Omurice da Vinci, practiced hard enough. They were able to win the Autumn Dream Grand Prix.

Episode 67 (Season 2 Episode 28)

  • Laala was puzzled about Thieving Genius and remembered what she did during the Summer Dream Idol Grand Prix but was cheered up by Non. She and her fellow Cosmic Omurice da Vinci members went to PriPara to perform an encore of their live and were surprised that the place was under high security. They were able to perform their encore live but Thieving Genius stole their Autumn Dream Parade Coords.

Episode 68 (Season 2 Episode 29)

  • Laala and her friends attended PriPara's Halloween Party. She, Mirei and Sophy helped Ran to scare people and in the end, they were successful. To celebrate, SoLaMi♡SMILE performed a live.

Episode 69 (Season 2 Episode 30)

  • Ajimi gathered Laala, Mikan and Dorothy and were assigned to be the PriPara Police. The group went under training under Ajimi and now that they're prepared to catch Thieving Genius, PriPara Police performed a show to make her show up. When she did, Laala, Mikan and Dorothy tried their hardest to catch her but were able to escape.

Episode 70 (Season 2 Episode 31)

  • Laala and the girls once g=again welcomed Falulu to PriPara again. The next day, Laala along with the girls cannot wait to see her perform and after her performance, they were surprised that she announces her desires to become a princess.

Episode 71 (Season 2 Episode 32)

  • It's Laala's birthday and her friends decided to host a special birthday performance with her. Laala reveals that she and her best friend, Nao, share the same birthday. Laala was overwhelmed by fans wishing her a happy birthday, pushing Nao, who was about to give her a gift, aside. When Laala notices that Nao is not around, she quickly searched for her. She found her at her home and exchanged presents, like what they did during their childhood. She then drags Nao back to PriPara to perform the Birthday Dream Theater.

Episode 72(Season 2 Episode 33)

  • The PriPara Police investigated a case relating to Rina being injured and unconscious. However, the girls went through false accusations to butterfly wings, representing Hibiki's spy cam. After the PriPara Nurses managed to revive Rina, Mirei suspects the elevator to be quite mysterious, since it's where the Genius disappeared. Laala and her friends found out a secret entrance to PriPara.

Episode 73 (Season 2 Episode 34)

  • Laala and the others find evidence that Hibiki was the culprit they've been looking for all along. As they were about to confront Hibiki, Hibiki already revealed that he's the Thieving Genius and another thing, she's female, causing a major shock around PriPara. After Hibiki's performance, the other main cast confronted Hibiki as she announces a challenge that will happen in the Winter Dream Idol Grand Prix. The others were a reluctant at first but with some convincing, they finally agreed.

Episode 74 (Season 2 Episode 35)

  • Laala with her friends, Reona, Dorothy and Mirei all discussed about Hibiki and Mirei tells Laala that she's the key to victory because of her past achievements. Laala decides to give her best shot as does everyone else. She and the others were amazed when Hibiki ranks to Top Class but were still determined to their best.

Episode 75 (Season 2 Episode 36)

  • On the way to school, Sophy tells Mirei and Laala about her meeting with Hibiki and were surprised to learn that Hibiki wants her part of her team. Laala and the others accompany Fuwari and say their goodbyes as she leaves for homeland, the Palps. Laala and the others were surprised during Falulu's live as she was able to do Gold Airy, like Hibiki. Laala and Mirei agreed to give Sophy all their support as she decides to join Hibiki's team.

Episode 76 (Season 2 Episode 37)

  • Laala was with Aromageddon, enjoying their time together until they heard some crying, which was from Mikuru and Anko. Mikuru tells the three girls that Anko was moving. Laala was with the other girls as they watch Mikan retrieve Anko's gift for Mikuru. After Aromageddon's live, the main cast Cyalume Charms signal a new team formation, which Laala was placed with a Dream Team with Aroma, Dorothy, Reona and Mirei.

Episode 77 (Season 2 Episode 38)

  • Laala was outside Prism Stone, giving a message to Fuwari about the upcoming events and told her to take care. She saw Mirei and gave her hug and were soon joined by Aroma, Dorothy and Reona. The group practiced hard enough in order to win but failed to Cyalume Change into the Winter Dream Idol Grand Prix, which their opposing team were able to. After their lost, PriPara was now changed to CelePara.

Episode 78 (Season 2 Episode 39)

  • Laala and her friends were surprised to see the many changes that happened around CelePara and were enjoying their time there. After watching CelePara Opera Company's encore live, Mirei felt upset so Laala suggests that they perform but were not allowed to much to their dismay.

Episode 79 (Season 2 Episode 40)

  • After finding out that only Top Class Idols and the members of Hibiki's team can only perform, Laala and Mirei confronted Hibiki but she didn't listen to all their complaints about the new system and were pushed away by Andou ending their conversation. Laala and the others tried to stop Mirei from leaving PriPara, but she did.

Episode 80 (Season 2 Episode 41)

  • Laala tries to convince Mirei to become an idol again but she refused. Laala with her friends, Dorothy and Reona met Gaaruru once again and realized that she is not a mini-Falulu anymore and has grown up. Because her entry failed, Laala, Dorothy and Reona decided to watch Gaaruru dance outside instead. Laala heard Gaaruru's wish to really perform so Meganii showed them an underground stage under an abandoned building. The girls worked hard to clean the place up and Laala was able to convince Mirei to go to PriPara, as a guest, just to watch Gaaruru, bringing her motivation back.

Episode 81 (Season 2 Episode 42)

  • Laala and the others are handing out leaflets to promote the new underground stage where all idols are allowed to perform. When Hanana decided to check out the underground stage, Laala saw her and suggested that she perform. As the underground stage becomes more popular, Laala sends her updates to Fuwari, who is still staying at the Palps.

Episode 82 (Season 2 Episode 43)

  • Laala and her friends heard of a valentines event to be held in CelePara. As Aromageddon and Gaaruru make their way to fulfill their plan, Laala and the others decides to work much harder.

Episode 83 (Season 2 Episode 44)

  • Ajimi told the rest of the cast a story about Hibiki's past life. After listening to the story and got to know Hibiki more, Laala decides to befriend her as possible.

Episode 84 (Season 2 Episode 45)

  • Laala and the others learned of Hibiki's dream to become a VocalDoll and decides to stop her but she declines. The main cast, especially Mirei, worked harder than before to reach out to Hibiki.

Episode 85 (Season 2 Episode 46)

  • After Reona saved Dorothy and mad their way out of the fountain in the main square, Laala and the others approached them. After the twins' live and Reona's decision to become part of Hibiki's team, the Cyalume Charms signaled new Dream Teams. Laala is teamed up with Aroma, Dorothy and Mirei once again with Mikan by their side this time.

Episode 86 (Season 2 Episode 47)

  • FriendAll practiced as hard as they can to win the Dream Idol Grand Prix and finally stop Hibiki from his wish. It wasn't long until Laala has some doubts of winning but her friend, Mirei cheered her up, bringing her motivation back. After the group's performances, the race to the bell is on. Each of the girls try their hardest to reach the bell and stop Hibiki, even Falulu. When Falulu's attempts failed, she tells Laala to stop her instead. The journey was made even more difficult when Hibiki Cyalumed Changed into Platinum Airy. However, this doesn't stop the others from helping Laala reach the bell and eventually her wings changed into Final Airy, enabling her to fly more faster. Finally, Laala caught the bell before Hibiki did and won the Dream Parade Princess Coord. However, the CelePara castle collapsed before the winner is even declared.

Episode 87 (Season 2 Episode 48)

  • Laala finds herself in a different PriPara, where the idols all go their separate ways and knew nothing of each other. Laala noticed this when she saw Dorothy, Reona and even Aroma and Mikan not knowing of each other at all. Laala saw Mirei and decided to say hi but Mirei ignored her, so Laala stopped Mirei but her old friend ran away from her. Laala finally caught her and saw Sophy floating on a river. The two girls decided to save her and brought her out of the waters. While so, Mirei finally got her memories back and together with Laala performed Love Friend Style. It wasn't long that the two were joined by Sophy, then Sion, Dorothy and Reona. The performances restored PriPara to normal and everyone are friends again. Meanwhile, news were told by the idols that Hibiki, Fuwari and Ajimi were trapped and Laala is determined to save the three.

Episode 88 (Season 2 Episode 49)

  • To save Hibiki, Laala and her fellow members at FriendAll performed and wished to save Hibiki, Fuwari and Ajimi. After saving the three, the Dream Parade started, showing recaps of the previous winners and their performances. In the end, the idols joined Laala and the friends and performed Cyalume Airy.

Episode 89 (Season 2 Episode 50)

  • Laala and the others were surprised that Fuwari and Hibiki were leaving but not to the fact that Hibiki's birthday is coming. The main cast all threw him a birthday and farewell party with Fuwari and Falulu. After the party, the main cast waved goodbye to the three as they headed out for PriParis.

Season 3

Episode 90 (Season 3 Episode 1)

  • Laala met a girl named Chiri in Prism Stone and decides to show her around PriPara. After she left, the system changed to blend with the Divine Idol Grand Prix, changing the form of their microphones and jewels raining down. Laala saw a mysterious, flying object and upon her arrival, she saw a baby falling down from the sky. She tries to catch it but got hit by it and fell down instead. The baby woke up and saw her, calling her her mother, much to Laala's surprise.

Episode 91 (Season 3 Episode 2)

  • Laala tried to find the baby's real mother and asked help from her friends but they don't understand what Laala's talking about and didn't see any baby. As she headed home, she tried to get her hands full by taking good care of the baby herself but has no idea how to. Thanks to Non, they kept the baby in the positive mood and Non warns her the disadvantages if she let anyone else knew she had a baby. So Laala made sure she kept this a secret. The baby saw Dressing Pafe's performance and wanted Laala to perform as well, so she did with Mirei and Sophy. After the show, Laala had some fun time with the baby, which revealed that her name is Jururu.

Episode 92 (Season 3 Episode 3)

Episode 93 (Season 3 Episode 4)

Episode 94 (Season 3 Episode 5)

Episode 95 (Season 3 Episode 6)

Episode 96 (Season 3 Episode 7)

Episode 97 (Season 3 Episode 8)

Episode 98 (Season 3 Episode 9)

Episode 99 (Season 3 Episode 10)

Episode 100 (Season 3 Episode 11)

Episode 101 (Season 3 Episode 12)

Episode 102 (Season 3 Episode 13)

Episode 103 (Season 3 Episode 14)

Episode 104 (Season 3 Episode 15)

Episode 105 (Season 3 Episode 16)

Episode 106 (Season 3 Episode 17)