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Let's Go PriPara

PriPara - lets go pripara

Making Drama final

Let's go pripara movie

Kanji Name Let's Go プリパラ
Romanized Name Rettsu Go PuriPara
Creator N/A
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Laala Manaka, Mirei Minami, Meganee Akai, Saints

Let's Go PriPara (Let's Go プリパラ, Rettsu Go PuriPara) is a Making Drama that first appeared in Episode 1.

In the game, it is the most basic making drama, and is the making drama that all Brandless coords, Pretty Rhythm coords and certain collaborative coords use.

Character Appearances


The Idol, Unit, or Duo dance, walk down a runway, and sing in a recording microphone while several pictures are taken of them posing with each activity. A large statue raises behind them with the Idol/Idols posing to match it. The pictures from before surround them with writing on their borders. The Yellow border says Song, while the blue has Runway, and the Pink has Dance.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Making Drama final

Laala Manaka

Mirei Minami

EP2 MD Let's Go PriPara
Laala Manaka

Mirei Minami

Let's go pripara movie
SoLaMi♡Dressing & Saints
PriPara - lets go pripara
Laala Manaka

Meganee Akai

Yui Yumekawa


  • This was the first Making Drama ever to be performed.
    • It also happened to be the first Making Drama to be performed for Season 2.
    • As well as Season 4.
  • Despite being the brandless and Pretty Rhythm making drama, so far in all anime scenes, it's performed by brand coords.
  • In episode 39, when Laala performs it she is shown with silhouettes resembling Prizmmy from Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. But each silhouette is shown with red glasses, implying them to be an illusion created by Meganee or Meganii.
  • Not counting the movie version or Meganee's performance, Season 4 has a major change in the statue.


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