Microman Arts SoLaMi♡SMILE Set
Y825590 b
Release Date May 2015
Product Type Action/Dolls
Publisher/Manufacturer Takara Tomy A.R.T.S

The Microman Arts SoLaMi♡SMILE Set is a set of SoLaMi♡SMILE figurines in each of their respective "Pirate Dress Coords". The coords featured are as follows:


Sale Time

  • May 2015


  • 8,000 Yen (Excluding Tax)


The figurine set includes Laala, Mirei, and Sophie complete with themselves in their idol form, wearing the "Pirate Dress Coords". They are all holding microphones with the color matching their dress, and a black ribbon on it. In the promo images, their left arms are bent with the hands hovering near the stomach area. Their right hands are bent upwards with their hand flat out in a "serving" position. The figurines' poses can be adjusted.


  • The figurines' poses share similarities with that of a certain dance move seen in Pretty Prism Paradise!'s choreography.
  • It has been recently announced that if pre-order demands do not reach 2000, then production will be cancelled.


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