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Mini Bat Coord (?) has not appeared in the anime yet. This Coord is from the brand Bukigami. The coord is first seen in the 2014 1st Live Collection. This coord also appears in the Encore Coord Limited Live. This coord is very similar to the Tiger Bat Coord and the Cow Bat Coord, the only difference being the color.





A purple shirt-styled dress depicting a large monsters face on it. At the middle rests a large white X. Ruffles of black and white in switching layers hang beneath it. Sewn to the back is a pair of black bat wings and a purple devil tail. Comes with black sleeves for the arm and a two-layer choker.


Purple boots with white tulle beneath the cuff, where a single black bow is sewn. At the back of the ankle are two small black bat wings.


A purple monster to match the dress. Has black bat wings on its back and a purple devil tail.


Mini Bat Coord is a Rare cool type Coord from the brand Bukigami. It first appeared in the 2014 1st Live Collection.


  • This coord shares the the same hair accessory and shoes with the Powerful Party Dress. This is unusual because they don't share the same brand.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accesory
Mini Bat One Piece

Mini Bat Boots

Mini Bat Hair Accessory

Official Arts



Mini Bat CoordCow Bat CoordTiger Bat Coord

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