Mr. Hojo
螢幕擷取畫面 (53735)
Kanji 氏は北条
Rōmaji Shi wa Hōjō
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Professional Statistics
Personal Status
Relatives Sophie Hojo (youngest daughter)
Cosmos Hojo (eldest daughter)
Anime Episode 42 - The Man Who Came from Brazil
Voice Actors

Mr. Hojo is the father of Sophie and Cosmo.


Mr. Hojo is an explorer who is in search of the ultimate pickled plum for Sophie and as a result is rarely at home.


Mr. Hojo is a dark-skinned man with dark hair and dark blue eyes. He is muscular and is mainly seen in his exploring outfit.


An energetic and vivacious person who is always on the go, Mr. Hojo is the complete opposite of Sophie. He cares very much for both his daughters despite seldom being at home. He also appears to be moved to tears fairly easily and loses his drive if something doesn't go right.



Sophie Hojo (Daughter)

Mr. Hojo cares very much for Sophie and goes out of his way to search for the ultimate pickled plum which would give her high amounts of energy.

Cosmo Hojo (Daughter)


  • He may possibly be Brazilian.

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