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Paprika Private Academy is the school that SoLaMi♡SMILE, Dressing Pafé, Aromageddon, Fuwari Midorikaze, Hibiki Shikyoin, Non Manaka, and Pepper Taiyou attend. It runs from elementary school to high school and has dorms on campus.

Notable Staff

Notable Students

Elementary School

Middle School

High School


Paprika Private Academy has many rules that are enforced by Headmistress Gloria and the Disciplinary Committee. For the list of known rules, please head to this page.


Elementary School
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The Uniforms.

Female Uniforms

The girls' uniforms for elementary school are a yellow, pink, and white onepiece dress. The dress is mainly yellow, but the sailor dress flap on the back is white with a pink stripe. The sleeves are white with pink border stripes. There is also a pink and white ribbon on the front with the school's logo. The girls wear socks and brown loafers.

During the winter, the students wear light pink cardigans with dark pink cuffs and stripes on the sleeve and bottom of the sweater.

Male Uniforms

The male elementary school uniforms are a yellow sailor shirt, which also has a little bit of blue and white. The sailor flap on the back of the shirt is white with a blue stripe. They also wear checkered shorts, socks and brown loafers.

Middle School

Female Uniforms

The females' uniforms for middle school is a yellow v-neck sweater with pink stripes on the sleeves with a white dress shirt under. They also have pink ties. They wear a blue checkered skirt, along with white socks and brown loafers.

During the winter, the girls wear navy blue military styled jackets with gold details.

Male Uniforms

The male middle school uniforms are a a yellow dress shirt with a checkered blue tie. They wear black slacks and we can assume that they wear brown loafers.

High School


  • Previously, elementary schoolers were forbidden from going to PriPara, though the middle schoolers were not. This is because prior, there had been two separate principals and the former middle school principal didn't mind. This ban, however, is lifted in Episode 25.
    • Episode 03, its reveal that the rule that states that elementary students at Paprika Academy are unable to go to PriPara does not exist, Gloria is just not too keen on the idea so she enforces her own rules.
  • "Paprika" is a German word that means "pepper."


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