Petit Devi Coord (プチデビ) is a Cool Type coord from the brand Holic Trick Classic. This coord has not been worn in the anime, nor has it been seen anywhere.





A white frilly blouse with dark purple string tracing the top to match the string on each shoulder cuff. Attached on each shoulder is a pair of purple bat wings, while a magenta bow rests at the center of the chest. The lower torso is entirely black with dark purple frilled lining and string, resembling a corset. Comes with a dark purple choker lined by black frills and a single pink upside-down cross.


A purple skirt composed of a black section on top of it with parts cut out to reveal the purple beneath it. On the purple is black string with a pink bow on top of it, while tracing the band of the skirt is a single line of purple. Beneath the skirt are two layers of material, one pink, and one black and gray tulle.


Tall black boots with a purple heel and bottom. Pink frilly material sticks out from the cuff, and over the foot with black string revealing it. At the top of each boot is a purple bow with a single bat wing attached to it. Comes with a pair of black stockings with a tulle cuff design.


Petit Devi Coord is a Cool Super Rare Coord from the brand Holic Trick Classic. It first appeared in the 2015 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Petit Devi Top

Petit Devi Skirt

Petit Devi Shoes


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