Kanji ピツジ
Rōmaji Pitsuji
Physical and Vital Information
Species Mascot
Eye Color Dark Indigo
Hair Color White
Professional Statistics
Occupation Manager
Personal Status
Anime Episode 155 - Reach Me, Michiru
Voice Actors
Japanese Azuki Shibuya
Image Gallery

Pitsuji (ピツジ) is a mascot in Idol Time PriPara and is the current manager of Michiru Kouda.


Pitsuji is a very fluffy white sheep with a pale pink face, large blushing cheeks, and sleepy, dark indigo eyes. It also has gold, curling ram horns and a small pair of wings or tail. The tips of its paws are pale indigo to match the several bows covering it, and the one resting on top of its head with a gold star.




  • Pitsuji (ピツジ) is a pun on "hitsuji", meaning sheep.


  • She shares her voice actress with Dorothy West.
  • According to Michiru, Pitsuji is the reincarnation of the minister of her past life's country. However, it is unknown if it is true or not.

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