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PriPara 3DS

PriPara Aim! Idol ☆ Grand Prix No.1! is a PriPara 3DS video game produced and made by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.

It will be released on October 22nd, 2015 for retail or download.

The game features graphics and gameplay similar to the Arcade Game.

Various Information

  • Genre: Style design, Rhythm, Simulation
  • Price: 5400 yen for retail, 4900 download
  • Save Data: one
  • CERO: A


  • x1 Game
  • x1 Game Case
  • x3 Clear Files (preorder bonus)
  • x3 Reversible Posters (preorder bonus)
  • x5 Pritickets



  • Runway Mini Game
  • PriPara Auditions and Lives
  • Cyalume Coord design
  • Character Customization
  • Over 2000 pritickets to collect
  • Coord Capsule Machine



My Chara

Also view: Character Customization

A feature of the game is the ability to make your own character. With features at the start, more will be unlocked as the player goes through the game.

My Cyalume Coord Design

Cyalume Customization

A new feature exclusive to the game is the ability to create your own Cyalume Coord to use in performances. It can be given a multidude of designs, patterns, colors, and accessories. There are a total of 15 "coord bases" to use for them, each with 15 color palettes, designs, patterns, and accessories to apply to various spots on the coord.

Each coord is completed in 5 steps:

  1. Choose a base
  2. Color it
  3. Apply accessories
  4. Assign it to a Brand
  5. View the results and give it a Name


  • In the original artwork, Ajimi and Fuwari were not present.
    • Possibly as they were late additions or to avoid spoiling the characters.
  • Despite Faruru and Cosmo appearing in the Game, they do not appear on the box art.



Official Artwork


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