PriPara Idol Songs♪ Collection by Shion Todo & Dorothy West & Leona West
Resize image Song Collection
Kanji プリパラ アイドルソングコレクションby東堂シオン&ドロシー・ウェスト&レオナ・ウェス
Romaji Puripara Aidoru Songu Korekushon by Sion Todo & Dorothy West & Reona West
Format Mini Album
Artist i☆Ris
Released February 11th, 2015
Genre J-Pop
Sales TBA

PriPara Idol Songs♪ Collection by Shion Todo & Dorothy West & Leona West (プリパラ アイドルソングコレクションby東堂シオン&ドロシー・ウェスト&レオナ・ウェス) is the second insert song mini album of the PriPara anime series and arcade game.

The album was released in both digital and physical format on February 11th, 2015.


  1. No D&D code
  3. Message from Shion
  4. Message from Dorothy
  5. Message from Leona
  6. No D&D code (Instrumental)
  7. CHANGE! MY WORLD (Instrumental)

Featured Singers


Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal No D&D code 3:29
01 No D&D Code
02 Change! My World
Message Message by Shion 2:40
03. Message by Shion
Message Message by Dorothy 3:47
04. Message by Dorothy
Message Message by Leona 3:49
05. Message by Leona
Instrumental No D&D code 3:28
03 No D&D Code (Inst)
Instrumental CHANGE! MY WORLD 3:59
04 Change! My World (Inst)


  • This is the first mini album to feature Dressing Pafé.
  • Despite Shion's name being written as Shion Todo, on the cover, it is written in its romaji form where the "H" is absent.
    • Leona's name is also written in its romaji/phonetic form with the "L" being replaced with an "R."


プリパラ アイドルソング♪コレクション04:26

プリパラ アイドルソング♪コレクション

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