Notable Merchandise

PriPara DVD - Stage 1-11

  • Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were released in 2014, while 6-7 was set for release in early 2015.


  • See PriPara (Game) for a list of coord collection for the arcade game. Some sets offered to be bought are the whole Millafeui Collections from all brands.

PriTicket Bags

PriPass Idol Link

  • With this, users can play mini-games installed onto the device and use it to connect with the actual arcade game. 3 designs based on the PriPass' used in the anime have been released thus far, with a pink one themed around Twinkle Ribbon, a blue one themed around Candy Alamode, a dark pink one themed around Holic Trick, and a "Sherbert Lavender" colored one. Protective cases for each respective brand are also available.

PriTicket Manufacturer

  • Makes coords from the Millafeui collection.

PriPara Licca-chan Collaboration

PriPara Co-de Nendoroids

  • This set of merchandise are figurines with interchangeable parts. All six of the main girls have been confirmed for release.

PriPara Mini Sulala

  • This is a fun drawing device used to create awesome pictures of your favorite PriPara characters.

Microman Arts SoLaMi♡SMILE Set

  • This set of figurines comes with SoLaMi SMILE in their pirate coords, posing in a dance move from Pretty Prism Paradise.

PriTicket Box

  • The PriTicket box is a new storage unit for your PriTickets. It comes in Milky Mint and Milky Lavender.

PriPara Files

PriPara Hair Accessory Collection

  • A set of hair accessories paired with a PriTicket. Each ticket is associated with a hair accessory theme-wise.

PriTicket Mini-File

  • This is a small set of storage items for PriTickets. Each set features characters/ brands.

Millefaui Collection Manufacturer DX My Design Collection

  • A set of cards with PriPara characters and coord overlays.

PriPara Accessory Collection

  • A set of wearable accessories that include rings, hair accessories, and key chains.

PriPara Heart Case

  • A set of cases of cyalume charms. Includes stickers and candy.

PriPara Mini Cyalume Charm

  • Mini cyalume charm keychains that come with double-sided PriTickets.

PriPass Cover

  • A case for a PriPass. The cover comes in different themes according to brand.

File Bag Refill

PriTicket Case

  • A storage case for PriTickets that comes in different themes according to brands.

PriPara Cyalume Charm & Millefeui Collection Set

  • A couple set that comes with a PriPara card and cyalume charm.


Main article: PriPara Merchandise/Image Gallery.

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