From left to right: Mirei's PriPass, Laala's PriPass, and Sophie's PriPass.

is a smartphone-esque device idols can use communicate with others while in the PriPara world. It can also be used to call outside of PriPara, as demonstrated in several episodes in the series.

When performing, idols use their PriPass in order to Cyalume Change until Season 3, in which their Performance Microphones are used.


A PriPass resembles a current smartphone or cellphone. It is a single color with darker accenting in the forms of lines and musical notes. Along the bottom is a tiny gem design with a bow in the center, maching the crystal-gem bow on top of each phone. Below the screen are three gem buttons, and on the screen wrote in the black portion is PriPara. The screen typically portrays the users brand or a picture they took.

PriPass Usages

  • Idol Ranking System - The PriPass alerts you when you have moved up an idol rank, and it also can tell you current idol rankings.
  • TV - You can watch PriPara programs via your PriPass. You can also watch live performances.
  • Mobile Phone - The PriPass can be used to contact other PriPass users.

Known PriPass Colors


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Anime Screenshots

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