PriPass Cover
Release Date August 2014
The PriPass Covers are a series of cases for a PriPass that vary depending on its brand theme.


Sale Time

  • August 2014


  • 1,200 yen (excluding tax)


  • ( W x H x D [in mm]) 110 x 200 x 30


  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.


Holic Trick

  • A pink rectangular case with purple sparkles and plus signs, white plus signs, and pink hearts in the background. On the bottom is a design of a lace embroidered semi-circle wave pattern. On the top right corner is a lace embroidered ribbon design. In the middle is a purple circle decorated with eccentric white patterns and a pink bow at the top, resembling a mirror. In the center it says "PriPara".

Twinkle Ribbon

  • It is a white case with pink, purple, and yellow sparkles and bows. On the bottom of the base is a pink border embroidered with yellow lace. In the top right corner is a pink "ribbon", with a bow. In the center is a pink heart with the PriPara logo on it. Atop of the heart is a pink bow.

Candy Alamode

  • The case is yellow, accented with orange and blue stars. On the bottom of the case is a blue border. In each semi-circle of the border is an orange star. In the top right corner is a blue mimic ribbon, with a flag decoration. In the center of the cover is an oval with a orange and white pattern, along with a blue embellishment going around the circumference. In the middle of the oval is the PriPara logo. Atop the oval is a blue ribbon.


  • There're just Holic Trick, Twinkle Ribbon and Candy Alamode not the other brands.


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