RONI Layered Style Coord (RONIレイヤードスタイル) has not been worn by anyone, nor has it debuted in the anime. This coord is from the brand RONI. It is a Lovely type coord. 





A short hot pink dress with a pleated skirt and RONI wrote in white on the chest. On one strap is a colorful basket with two yellow bows on the handle. Underneath are a pair of white shorts with big pink and white hearts printed on it, and a green ribbon tied around the wrist. 


Tall white and pink boots with thick white laces and pink accenting. A single strap with RONI wrote in black is near the top of each boot. Comes with a pair of white stockings that have stripes of pink, orange, yellow, and dark green. The cuff on top is hot pink, and below it is RONI wrote in pink. 




RONI Layered Style Coord is a Lovely Rare Coord from the brand RONI. It first appeared in the Encore Coord Limited Live.



Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
RONI Layered Style Onepiece

RONI Knee Socks & Layered Sneakers


Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 7.56.32 AM
RONI Ribbon Award CoordRONI Heart & Ribbon CoordRONI Two-Toned Feather CoordRONI Sparkly Pink Leopard CoordRONI Layered Style CoordRONI Illustration CoordRONI T-Shirt CoordRONI Fluffy Bolero CoordRONI Colorful Logo CoordRONI Lovely Pompom CoordRONI Ribbon Knit CoordRONI Swimwear CoordRONI Fluffy Emblem CoordRONI Style Fur Vest CoordRONI Heart Cape & Island CoordRONI Sparkly Bustier CoordRONI Gingham CoordRONI Ronyi-chan Vest & T-Shirt Coord

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