Stereo Full Blast! 2x3 = Rock!
Kanji Name ステレオ全開!2×3=ロック!
Romanized Name Sutereo Zenkai! 2x3 = Rokku!
Creator Dressing Pafé
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Shion Todo, Dorothy West & Leona West

Stereo Full Blast! 2x3 = Rock! is a Making Drama first showcased by Dressing Pafé in Episode 14 of the anime. It is the first making drama that Dressing Pafé performed as an idol unit.

In the game, it is performed by idols who wear Baby Monster coords.

Character Appearances


One idol swings around a pair of drumsticks and uses them to kick up huge flames, then poses as the word DRUMS appears. A zipper goes down to the opposite corner to show another user with a lightning made guitar, hopping up into a pose as the word GUITAR appears. The zipper goes down the opposite corner to reveal the last idol with a bass made of water, who poses with the word BASS next to them. The Idols spin around a colorful tube of squares, then pose on top of them to reveal the word ROCK behind them as lightning crackles in the background.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Dressing Pafé
PriPara - 15 110 38
Dressing Pafé


  • The drama name plays a pun on Japanese/English by reading "Rock" as "Roku", which means "six" in Japanese.


Anime Screenshots

In Game

Video Gallery

04 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Making Drama Stereo Full Blast! 2x3 = Rock! Shion Version00:18

04 Pripara 3DS GrandPrix Making Drama Stereo Full Blast! 2x3 = Rock! Shion Version

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