The Sumikko Gurashi Blue Coord (すみっコぐらしブル) is a coord that was part of a promotion with the Sanrio series, Sumiko Gurashi. It has not appeared in the anime and is brandless. It resembles the Sumiko Gurashi Pink Coord.




A pale blue dress with large white polka-dot print. Around the neck is a slightly loose piece of material attached to the white collar, while sewn on the back is a large knot-style bow. Going down the center are three of the Mini beans, coming in pale pink, yellow, and blue. The same characters are sewn around the hem, while the top layer features the main characters of the series. For the wrist is a pale red ribbon.


Pale blue shoes with a dull, pale brown sole and the Mini Beans circling the ankkle. Comes with Pale blue and white striped tube socks with a pale green piece of material sticking out from the top with a brown face on it, resembling Zassou.


An accessory based on Ebi. Consists of a fluffy peach headband with a large pale red ribbon sewn to the top.


Sumikko Gurashi Blue Coord is a Rare Coord and it has no brand. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.3 Collection.


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Sumiko Gurashi Blue One Piece

Sumiko Gurashi Blue Shoes

Sumiko Gurashi Ebi Accessory

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