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Valkyrie Maiden's Release

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Kanji Name 解放乙女バルキュリア
Romanized Name Kaihō Otome Barukyuria
Creator Sophie Hojo
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Laala Manaka, Mirei Minami, Sophie Hojo & Faruru Bokerdole

Valkyrie Maiden's Release (解放乙女バルキュリア Kaihō Otome Barukyuria) is a Making Drama that is first used in Episode 11, but was claimed to be "unfinished" by Sophie. The finished version was first performed in Episode 12 which features Laala and Mirei.

In the game, it is performed by idols who wear Holic Trick coords.

Character Appearances

  • Laala - She helps Sophie get out of her cage (Episode 12), thus finishing the Making Drama, after seeing the real meaning of the unfinished version (Episode 11).
  • Mirei - In Episode 11, Mirei realizes the meaning of Sophie's unfinished Making Drama, and in Episode 12, she helps free her.
  • Sophie - She is stuck in the cage and attempting to free herself, but is initially unable to reach the key. In Episode 12, she is freed with the assistance of Laala and Mirei.
  • Faruru Bokerdole



In a large room full of thorny vines, Sophie sits in a cage on top of a purple tiled floor. A large beam of light shines on the cage as she attempts to reach for the key inches from it. Just as she grabs it, it slips from her hand and out of reach. The Making Drama then ends while zooming out through the vines.


In a large room full of thorny vines, an Idol sits in a cage on top of a purple tiled floor. A large beam of light shines on the cage as she attempts to reach for the key inches from it. She is joined by two others, who pick up the key together and hand it to her. The Idol raises the key and opens the cage, flying from it as a pair of large feathery wings form. She pulls the other two idols, then releases them as they pose before a large stained glass window surrounded by light and roses.

There is also an opposite form, in which two Idols are in the cage and are freed by one. In this form, all three Idols gain wings.

In single form, the Idol frees herself with the key and flies up with her newly formed wings.


  • Sophie had always been told by Usagi that no one would like her Fancy Mode persona and that she should hide it, coupled with the fact that she felt she could do nothing on her own. The cage represents that feeling of her being trapped within her own uselessness and how she felt no one would accept her true self.
  • Laala and Mirei (along with Sophie's Fan Club) told her that they don't care if Sophie is in Fancy Mode or not, they like her either way. The key represents her way out, or her desire to be accepted for who she is. By Laala and Mirei giving her the key to let herself out, those two are, in other words, Sophie's way to changing.
  • Laala and Mirei are aspiring idols, and with the help of a popular and talented star like Sophie they can rise to the top. Sophie growing wings and flying out of the cage, taking Laala and Mirei with her, represent how the three can rise to the top together.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Bandicam 2014-09-13 13-01-49-045
Sophie Hojo
LaalaMirei & Sophie
13, 15, 18
PriPara-20 20.18
螢幕快照 2014-11-22 上午11.06.47
SoLaMi♡SMILE & Sophie's Fan Club
螢幕快照 2015-01-31 下午12.17.22
Faruru Bokerdole


  • This is the first Making Drama to have more than one different versions.
  • It is also the first Making Drama to have more than three people in it.
  • This Making Drama has a remake, called Valkyrie Maiden's Primavera.


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